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Family and Friends (and pets)

We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa

Stories about celebrations and struggles with love, children, parenting, living with others, friendships, and living with life given.

Mother Teresa quotes on relationships


Out and about at home

What’s going on at home in and around the community locally or globally. I think about what goes on at home and sharing stories around food, travel, health, celebrations, weddings and births, funerals, spirituality, living the good, volunteering, and community events.

Living Life

Being present to life.

My grandfather was a very wise man and lived a long life but hard in many ways. But one thing he taught me and modelled for me was how to be present to the moment. He knew how to be with you, regardless of what was going on around him. I miss him for that.

Delivery is everything

That’s what I believe in anyway.

I believe how we say things can either be life-giving or not so much. But in the end we just take this life we are given a go and try to make sense out of things. Be present to it.


About Karen Pondering is a multi-week conversation for anyone, young and seasoned, to ponder about living life more fully. You will find I will go off on different topics depending on the day and what is happening. If along the way you receive a nugget or two to your own journey, great. Love to meet you and for you to share own thoughts. Come in and sit a spell. Welcome.

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