I Saw the Sign

God’s Creation at its finest

Well here we go. I just put some garbage in the bin outside and as I walked back, I noticed a red and gold colour…on my maple tree!!! Not just one leaf mind you but a few as I looked up and up (and I’ll call Rusty). When did that happen?? A big grin crossed my face and I laughed. Of course life happens (nature included) while you are busy making other plans. So a song popped into my head and I began humming the tune ” I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign.” Not sure who by but there we go. September you are speaking loud and clear as it’s time for a change…you transitioning us slowly (or quickly depending on where one lives) into Fall.

I should have known because when I put my head out to go out this morning, I jumped back in to grab my red and black bush jacket which I keep handy by the door; so easy to slip on and just go. Kind of nippy out this morning which again is all part of the ‘signs’ of fall. Woohoo. Cozy clothes for cozy days inside or out. Don’t you just love that tucking into the warmth of a sweater or jacket kind of feeling. I know that we will be bundling up a bit today with fall wear. Oh fancy!! Not so much. But my granddaughter who will be here soon, she will be wearing her rubbery shoes and warmer jacket as we take the stroller out for our adventure today.

Yesterday as we walked down the lane of my home, she was so so cute. She was carrying her little purse and pink fuzzy unicorn. Then all of a sudden (because I am walking behind her just in case) she squeezes her pink unicorn to her face and gives her a kiss…about 4 or 5 times. My heart just burst with love and joy. Precious. I am almost a puddle of happiness as I watch her test her new found freedom of walking on her own. One little action just sets me off to see the world through her eyes. She spots things that I do not.

But I also wince a bit as her pink little unicorn gets dragged along my lane. It is quite a long one, a red dirt tracked lane, nestled between bush and trees on either side. I do not want to change it however, even though it is a real pain in the spring thaw as the clay gets quite mucky and tires sink into its mire. Still, it is what it is. I like the look of it when Fall really hits as the colours are vibrant and dynamic as you look down to archway of glorious array of majesty. Does that make sense?

Anyway her little arms carried her purse and unicorn all the way down the lane, through the bit of brush, to head onto the family golf course next to my lane. Checking to see if there are any vehicles at the golf course building before we go further, we are good to go. It does not matter anyway for she veers off toward the green. Okay wee one, let us go this way. Nope. This little girl has a mind of her own. Lift, redirect, and off we go…towards the road. And what is coming down it but a huge tractor with whatever kind of raking apparatus on the back of it.

There we go, another sign of fall. A big turbo, big wheeled, tractor thing…no I am not a farmer. I have no idea the different names of parts of farming equipment except to say big…go big or go home. I expect today we will find the fields turned. It always amazes me the perfect parallel lines created by the machinery as they toil the field; the lines go up and down rolling with the hills. Beautiful.

Then I see my neighbour pulling up his lobster boat out of the water. Now THAT is a big fall sign. I noticed a few less boats along the wharf so it looks like lobster season is ending. And when I look at the marsh near the harbour, the reeds are starting to turn into that wondrous autumn gold and amber shade. It is hard to describe except to say it gives off a warm soft gold amber colour. Not sure if that makes sense. I know when I began to paint the inside of my home, I wanted to find autumn rustic cottage colours like golds and blues and reds. Earthy tones.

Anyway I have put a little display in my home of Fall decor…chestnuts, red/yellow/orange fake vines, artificial bright orange pumpkins and gourds, and straw stems with fall flowers. Festive looking. But still placed up high on the shelves so little one fingers do not touch. I mean the house is mainly child-proof until such time that she finds another area that I have not thought of. What is the phrase…many hands make light work. No. Little hands make lots of work..that is the correct adage.

Blessings today. Welcome the gift and presence of the beauty of fall given freely and unexpectedly. I think it is nature at its best, giving me pause to get my full attention to the spectacular display of radiance and awareness. God’s creation abounding everywhere.

Enjoy this day. Let us pray for the bounty of the harvest.

Let us pray for those in need this day.

I’m free…woohoo

You got this. Go little girl. Go.

Oh happy day. Oh happy day. This time last Monday, it was my final day of self-isolation. I started on a Tuesday and so I thought maybe Tuesday but Wednesday for sure but lo and behold…I got the call. You are good to go. So I got in my car as my daughter lives just around the corner, a stones throw away. to just give hug her and the grandkids. But no one home. WHAT? Well it’s all good. For I just saw them the night before, me on the other side of the window, putting my hands on the window pane as I gave a window smooch to my grandson and granddaughter. Of course my grandson would understand but not the little one year old. No. She kept looking at me, then at the window, and then turns to walk to the door. WALKING!!!!

Did I tell you that she has been walking or I should say finger walking since she was 11 months old?!! My granddaughter finally found the courage to let go of the finger for walking and boogey on down. So freedom for me and her. And let me tell you it feels good.

And to see her actually walking up the ramp to the door on Sunday night…I teared up. A Hallmark moment. Such a momentous occasion and I am so happy for her. Her little hands and arms in a grip like motion as she waddles back and forth balancing her body as she carries her tiny frame towards me. Face full of concentration and then pauses, looks up, and a big beautiful eight-teeth wide smile crosses her face. Oh for the life of me…my heart pounds in joy and laughter. I want to scooch her so much but alas I could not.

So now she and I over our self-isolation…me from covid and my granddaughter from her fear of letting go. Now we are off to the races. These past few days as I get to babysit her, life as I know it has changed. No rest for the wicked. Exercise plus plus. Now I follow her. Have not put a dent in the floor yet but I think it may be coming. You forget that little ones have a different lens to look at and so what they see as oh yes…I see as oh no!! Oh well, I said yes so it’s all good.

I am so glad my self-isolation is done. It looks like the Atlantic bubble will be for awhile. I know that I have another trip planned for Ontario again as my youngest has moved to look for employment. There is not much in her field here so I think she has a better chance of getting a job there. But I’ll have to bring her things with me including her four-legged furry cats that she left behind. Not looking forward to the drive as I will have to add another stint of self-isolation again. But I got lots of cleaning, painting and staining done. Certainly not Better Homes and Gardens but it will work for me. That reminds me I need to think of what I’ll be doing for the two weeks of self-isolation.

The hardest part is not getting to leave the property to go for a walk. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for me, I have beauty to behold. The combination of surf meeting turf, sky meeting both, and the wind and sun’s warmth wrapping me up…oh I missed it. But I am grateful that the island takes Covid-19 seriously. I got a call each day, varying the time, and asking the same questions. Whomever they picked, because it seemed to be a different person each time calling on behalf of public health office, seemed to care. I also felt they were a bit weary. I am sure they had to make many calls a day. So kudos to each of them.

I really did not realize how I take things for granted. I felt a bit uncomfortable asking my daughter – the primary for me during self-isolation – to get me things. If the roles were reversed it would not bother me to do anything for her. I am a giver not a receiver. And my daughter is the same way…she likes to give. So that certainly spoke to me about appreciating the wonderful people supporting me. Thank you.

Freedom. It is an interesting word really. Because in essence one is not really free fully. For example, life is not the same as it was before; living in Covid times freedom comes with parameters and restrictions. Each one of us I believe has a spark of delight to want to get out and spin around, spreading our arms and hands wide, as we look to beat a different drum. Just want to take a step on own without care and concern. You know that feeling to do what you want when you want and how. Oh yes, f-r-e-e-d-o-m. Yep that’s it.

Is that going to happen? Not likely. But it is certainly something to think about freely. I love that part. Funnily now that I have the freedom to do what I want or at least what I can and what I need to do, I also miss the freedom to have the time to just be. Knowing you are not getting visitors…just me myself and I. Isn’t three a crowd?? Oh well. Because you get to do that in self-isolation especially if you are on your own. With a dog and two cats, they really did not interrupt being free…until the smell needed to be taken care of mind you.

In other words, I guess what I am saying is that I appreciate freedom in whatever way it comes in. Blessings.

Let us pray for all those who are in need of our prayers and for those who are given free will, reap the blessings from choice.

It’s Quiet

Good morning to you, September Sunday. A day of rest if you welcome this day as the Lord’s Day. That’s today. Can you hear the silence? Loud silence. There is a stillness right now, a hesitation in the movement of the day before its routine and flow begin once again. Thankfully it is not my breath that I can see as I take in deep breaths and exhale. I am not ready for that one yet. It will come soon enough for sure.

I am outside sitting on my deck and looking out into the early morning dawn. A dawn that is just beginning to break, filtering its way through and up into the empty spaces of the woods, baring a wakefulness. It is like a permission of sorts, allowing the silhouette and outlines of the trees to discard the dark, unveiling the shapes and forms of natural life. Where the woods was once dark in blackness, now taking on clarity and definition. Up and at ’em. Oh don’t you love the moments of quiet before the rooster crows!!

Oh my. I can see the sun’s light coming into my kitchen window right now, casting its glittery shine on part of the screen. Yeah sun, you do not have to remind me that I also see cobwebs and a dirty screen. Sometimes when the light comes in, it uncovers work. Better put that on my ‘honey do’ list today…clean screens and windows. I have to be careful of the windows being too clean (not kidding here) as I have had some birds hitting my window pane (four this summer), knocking themselves out for a bit or worse, not survive (two of them). Not even after, I carefully put them in a box, covered in darkness – I googled it.

So this morning. The only sounds right now are the annoyingly large crows cawing away in the distance. How do I know they are crows? I just do. And who knows where they are at this moment because here just above the harbour area, the echos of sounds reverberate, masking their exact whereabouts. However, soon I will have a clangour of babbling as the birds, not just crows, seem to gravitate to forested areas, creating a symphony of racket amongst the branches high above. Talk about a downer.

Don’t get me wrong I really like birds, especially their beautiful colours and uniqueness. Not saying crows are beautiful mind you, but hey, they are part of God’s creation. Anyway, there is something about the mystery of how birds do birds. Being able to fly. Spreading their wings and up up and away. Or landing on a twig or branch, their body weight cannot be more than what? Or lining up on the overhead hydro wires…I have to chuckle at them. It reminds me of the game Broken Telephone. You know when you whisper in someone’s ear and they tell the next who tell the next and so on. Then they have to say what was said. And get it WRONG. But the most fascinating bird for me is watching a hummingbird…the speed of its wing flaps. Gracefully awesome.

Not sure what kind of day it is going to be but it looks promising. I am glad I cut the lawn yesterday as this is supposed to be a day of rest. I waited until the late afternoon to cut the grass, as the sun’s rays are not as intense and hence, do not dry the grass as fast as before. My lawn mower can be finicky at the best of times. For some reason it works best when I tip it over on its side (not sure if I am supposed to) and scrape the remnants of the cuttings baked to its underneath from last lawn cut, and then put it back upright again. It starts. What is that all about??

So it’s quiet. The pause in the day where most things are shut down, turned off, taking a break. That is the gift of the quiet. Just allowing the day to come in slowly. Have you ever heard of the phrase love comes softly? I think it is a Christian movie about life in pioneer times. But it’s that phrase which speaks to me about something coming softly. Like love, it can catch you off guard but you feel it deep within. Just like allowing the quiet to come in softly. To be still.

Be still. Does not happen alot? I often wonder about Jesus going into the desert to pray. He got it way back when. The breathing space to breath, to standstill. Is this how he felt when he went in the quiet and silence? I feel the calming strength of creation, God’s creation as I sit here in prayerful reflection. Not easy to do when your mind gets caught up in the distraction and noise of life lived.

So in gratitude I spread my arms out wide (no one is watching) and spin slowly on my deck in the coolness of the morn. For you Sunday at daybreak, the beginning of the Lord’s Day, are embracing me, wrapping me up in thanksgiving and prayer. Not let me take for granted all that has been given and received. I whisper now Amen.

Blessings today in its quiet.

Let us think of those who are in need of our prayers in their time of need.

Habits and Sayings

Have you ever heard of that phrase? I usually touch my head (kind of a silly superstition) as I make a statement about something or other so that things will work out okay, not just be a fluke. I do not want to jinx it – touch wood. But seriously, it is interesting what sayings or practices come out of me, despite the illogicalness of them. And for some reason, they continue to be said or practiced…just ’cause.

Take for instance this week, I was not paying attention to my cooking and the vegetable stir fry burnt. That’s what you get when you try to multi-task and not be in the same room area. And so the caked burnt vegetables got stuck to my favourite frying pan. Did not look promising. Yet what did I do…I automatically began to put a layer of salt and warm water in the bottom of frying pan to let soak. Why? Well a long time ago, pearly words of wisdom was bestowed upon me by my mom who told me…and it worked. When your mom says try it…you do. And lo and behold, the fry pan is no worse for wear. Burnt offering came off. Salt? Who’d have thought?

Anyway I have been doing staining lately ( as of today, I have four more days left to ‘kill’ during this self-isolation time). It really is a good way to get at projects you keep procrastinating on from your ‘honey do’ list. So taking a risk, I decided I am going to change things up and create a different look for my railing and stairs. Have you heard of gel stain? Not me. When I opened up the can of mahogany stain, I thought I had a stain that went bad. When I dipped the brush into the stain, the brush stood up and stuck in like it was in jello. Ummm. What is going on? Well as I looked at the can, it said gel stain. Gel. What would they think of next? But, amazingly enough, it went on smoothly and easily. I am learning a bit about how to stain versus painting. Way differently I might add. I’m no Property Brothers, that’s for sure.

Of course after you stain, just like in painting, somehow it gets on you. Let me tell you stain is much harder to get off. I thought warm water and soap would work. Then I tried Comet. Yeah I know, I am not a tub or sink. So then, I tried Dawn…because you know it gets out whatever. Nope. I even tried those Mr. Clean scrubby white things which seems to get out most things. Naw. Human skin is different. Did not work? It’s one thing to have a bit of stain but I had a lot on arms and hands. So I finally called my artistic daughter who I know has used and worked with all kinds of art mediums. She said vegetable oil. What?? Well let’s just say after a bit of hard scrubbing, yep it did the trick. Now I have to listen to my daughter too?!

That reminds me of the time my dad telling me this story of how his eye doctor told him to use baby shampoo and those round make-up wipe pads to help with seeing in the sunlight. Just so you know, my dad is not one to mince his words. Anyway to make a long story short, my dad could not go out in the sunlight without his eyes watering and squinting. He had to put on the darkest of dark sun glasses on in order to go out and even then he could barely see. It got so bad he only went out during th evening. So when he went to visit his eye doctor, the doctor said that there was one way that has worked on other eye patients.

Let’s just say it did not go over well. He told dad to take pure Baby Johnson’s shampoo, mix it half and half with water, pour mixture on the eye wipe and rub several times beneath both eyes, three times a day for three weeks, he should see a difference. My dad called him out on it. And he left in a huff. Then he told my mom he would do it and then be able to tell the ‘quack off’. Well…it worked. Dad noticed a difference after the first week. He had gone out in the morning and forgot to put on his sunglasses, and noticed he did not need them so much. Yeah he told the doctor off…with a smile and smirk. Gotcha dad.

I have to chuckle and smile at myself as I think of habits and sayings that come out of me. Sometimes I find myself saying “where did that come from.” Out of the mouths of babes. Or maybe parents? Grandparents? I know that I say or do some things that might strike other people as odd or weird or illogical but hey that is what makes me…me. No rhyme or reason. I remember when I was younger my dad would say ‘when you make a decision, murder the alternatives’. I did not understand it back then but now I understand it and have found myself repeating it to my own daughters. When you let go, let go. Now, at this point in my life, I would have to say my three most common things that I repeat quite often would be “it’s all good”, “love you more”, and “life is precious”.

Life lessons. Blessings today.

Let those who are in need of our prayers be lifted up with gentle and loving hands.

Oh September!! How are you?

Come sit as September comes in

September is one of my favourite months as it comes with its splendid Fall flavours and a bounty of autumn’s palette of hues and shades. Everything that was sharp and crisp now takes on a mellowness including the warmth of the sun. Cool evenings and dewy mornings with a bit of a bite in the air as dawn and dusk befall each day. In the middle, the day, is cuddled in the warmth of the sun, not as intense as early summer, but still with a heat that is cozy and temperate. No extremes thank goodness.

Although I do find that September to November gives new meaning to a windy day. For the breeze of today takes on a new vigour of harshness as we quite often get hit by the remnants of southern hurricanes, trailing up the coastline, taking its gale-like temper out on those in its path. I remember last year; not so nice and certainly lefts its scars on the land for sure. But Mother Nature has its time to remind us of the fragile world we live in. So oh September, what do you have in store for us?

Yet looking out at the beautiful evening tonight, I feel wonder and awe as the sun gives off a gentler glow of light upon my yard and woods surrounding me. It is truly a remarkable feeling and visual to experience. What takes place that nature takes on a different look even though the leaf is still green, the wheat in the field is still pale yellow, the turned soil is still red? Whatever I see, it looks different. And that is why I love the Fall and its cast of colours and flavours.

Although being in self-isolation, I cannot go around as yet to experience the true nature of Falls beginning. Of course I realize that we are still technically in late summer as I believe September 21/22 is the official day of seasons changing. But funnily as I was painting today, I stepped out of my deck to get a bit of fresh air and move away from the paint fumes and what did I see…a leaf falling down upon my deck. In fact three leaves fell, two green but one for goodness sake was yellow. Now what is up with that I ask you. I am not ready to rake thank you very much, nor do I want the season of autumn to rush in too quickly. Nice and slow is good for me.

I can almost smell the fields being toiled. I have heard quite few large machines going down the intersecting roads near me. Not sure if they are tractors or combines but I can almost smell the turned soil of the fields. Don’t you just love the wonderful smells connected to Fall?! For example, I am thinking of the variety of apple orchards and unique tanginess developed here on the island, especially Gala, Cortland, Honey Crisp and Ginger Gold apples. Have you ever heard of them?? Delicious. Scrumptious. T-t-t-t… you know when you put your tongue and tap it repeatedly on the top part of your mouth. You make this sound as if trying to describe the indescribable taste in your mouth. Anyway, each one is certainly tasty when you bite into them. I like when an apple tastes like an apple…you know what I mean?

I think the flavours that become attached to the Fall make sense. I mean in the summer who wants to have a big heavy meal. Yes people do, but really when the weather is a bit cooler, you tend to want to get into more hardy and savoury foods of a more robust culinary experience…the foodie in you. Here on the island there is a wonderful tradition of the Fall Flavours Festival. It is a perfect time to get out and sample the splendour of the island culture and talented chefs specialties which fully supports the local island foods. Even in the midst of the pandemic they are going to continue to embrace the festival which is a good thing. Take your mind off of things…eat, drink and be merry. Is that not what one does? There is nothing like breaking bread together, sitting around the dining table with family and friends.

But beyond the festival is the home cooked meal and baked goodies restaurants that bring out the aroma of the “food to table” way of island. Whether by sea or fields. Unbelievable here. Support local. Absolutely. You hear it everywhere but the proof is in the pudding so to speak… really good and fresh food. When they say homegrown, they mean homegrown.

So September you make me appreciate the joy of the seasons as you leave summer behind to make room for the blessings and bounty of the harvest, land and sea, and the colourful world of natures beauty. Welcome.

Let us pray for those who are in need of prayers this day.

Thinking of September and what it will bring. Blessings.

Greeting the Day

To be the light of welcome

Not sure why I am thinking this way today but I am. I think I have a terrible way of greeting the day or people or things in some respects. Usually, I just get up and do. I would describe myself as a plugger….I just plug away at things until it gets done. I tend to go right for the purpose without any build up of the person in front of me. You know the whole basic routine of hello > how are you > how is your day going > how are things> and so on. It’s not like I do not acknowledge those around me, I just sort of skip the part of the hospitality of welcome and that you exist part of the conversation. You know what I mean where you have something on your mind and just want to do it. Which in turn, I forget about the nuances of greetings and salutations when I see someone and go right into the purpose. Obviously, taking Etiquette 101 did not work on me so much. Geez, I got to get better at that.

Take for example this morning my sister greets me with a ‘good morning sister’ text. Makes me smile of course. And then proceeds to tell me something about the noise of the fire engine blaring down her road. Wakey wakey for sure. But the operative word is “good morning”. How do I greet her? Well, I just take a quick peek and note how I begin my initial text with her….well it does not begin with “good morning to you too” I can tell you. Yeah, more like the ‘do’ of me. Yikes.

So good morning, welcome, bonjour, jambo, salut…that’s about it. Although I do manage to smile when I meet/greet another person even though I may spoil the encounter by going right into the purpose. However, that does not address the text to others. Did I not just ponder about delivery a few posts ago, going on and on about how delivery is everything. Well it is! So practice what you preach already. Message received.

Which reminds me of a recent conversation with my niece yesterday who by the way will be starting her very first teaching position ever. Fresh off the press teacher. Woohoo. Bless her heart. Anyway, we were talking about how she was going to engage her students as Covid-19 has certainly created an interesting environment to work in. Greetings and meetings. How in the world? You can almost get paranoid by just looking at another person. Here she is in her first year, grappling with the nerves of figuring out the art and science of teaching, never mind the additional consideration of how to greet and meet in welcoming in the students with a mask on of all things. What does even look like for her?

Funnily (but not so funny) enough,I find myself hovering into the shelves at the grocery stores or Walmart as people go by…the wrong way. I mean there are arrows to help us…jut saying. Anyway, greetings and such have taken on a different reality. Take for instance, the whole eye contact with others as the mask hides most of the face. Eyes can be very expressive don’t you find. So the greetings become what??…wink blink nod. Or add the eyebrows to do some wiggling like Groucho Marxs. All conveying welcome??

But, I cannot down play a smile because I may not always be actively engaging the portion of ,y brain to do the traditional social graces expected. Is that not what Saint Teresa of Calcutta reminded us of…”Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” Of course a smile will not be seen behind the mask but as Saint Teresa points out, it can be expressed in the eyes. Have you ever noticed people with kind eyes? There is a warmth that comes out of them…acceptance, grace, hope, gladness, appreciation, respect. Not sure what but you jut feel it.

To make a long story shorter, need to greet before meet. That is my realization for today. Before I do anything else I need to greet the day, person, thing in some way of welcome. Acknowledge being present. I am cringing right now as I am just recalling how I greeted my youngest as she called me last evening; my opening was “why you calling me?” A joking expression in the spirit of love (meaning you have not touched base for awhile with me and I’m kind of letting you know) which upon reflection did not go over very well. As she told me, “well you could have called too.” My bad little one. One day when I grow up.

Well enough about my ahs and flaws. Blessings to you all.

Let us think of those whom need us today, prayers or a hand.

Quirky Things about Me

Best dryer in town

I have to say that I am loving the day once again. It is cool this morning as even my bathroom heater went on automatically. Are you kidding me!!! It is not FALL yet but my goodness the air has a bit of a bite in it. You kind of pay attention to things when you are in self-isolation. Yes once again I am in the 14 day self-isolation. This time the island seems to be much more rigid in its stance of returning. If you leave the bubble for any reason and return, 14 days are gone. But so worth it.

So I am discovering that I tend to have certain things I like to do or like to have when I do whatever. For instance, my sister, bless her heart, just made me some homemade soup. Now I am not a cook, do not profess to be one, but I certainly appreciate the nuances of those who do have the cooking thumb or baking thumb. You know like when they describe a person who has a good handle of plants…green thumb. Well what do we call those who have the ability to make things happen in the kitchen? Hence, cooking or baking thumb. May need to think further on that one.

Anyway her soup is heating up on my stove top and I cannot wait to try it. But here is my first quirky me. I like rounded shaped spoons. Not oval like teaspoons or tablespoon shape spoons you normally get in a set. I like the rounded kind and I ordered them because they are not easy to find. My mom has this one spoon in her kitchen drawer that I like. Of course I am not going to get it as my brother likes it too. Needless to say I have searched for a particular round shaped spoon with a certain kind of weight. I found it on amazon and well…little bit expensive for four spoons but okay. This is as close to the feeling as possible. So click. For me, there is something about the roundedness that makes the soup taste better. Not sure why but there it is.

Then I was sitting at my desk yesterday searching for a pen. Now I realize that the computer or iPad or cell phone seem to have taken over the written paper and pen/pencil technology but when I want to use a pen, I am kind of quirky about it too. I like it black, gel like preferred, with brand like Zebra A-grip or Uni-ball or Pilot gel pens. Not sure why but the grip, flow and movement of the pen allows me to enjoy writing. My penmanship really ‘sucks’ (sorry no other word comes to mind) unlike my mother or two of my daughters, they have lovely penmanship. But print or handwriting, it looks like chicken scratch. Probably a step up from a doctor’s signature but clearly not much better. Funny that.

Anyway I just finished cutting the lawn and wow, I really love the look and smell of fresh cut lawns. I like the lines after a cut, not the back and forth wheel lines, more like the up and down lines left on my lawn. Kind of silly really, but that is a quirk of mine. Maybe its because when I do it the other way, the lawn does not look to be cut. And today, well, the lawn is so dry in most places that it does not really look cut except that the hundreds of little flowered weeds growing, not sure the weed name right now, but they are gone. The lawn mower did not leave its lasting impression on the lawn but ‘que sera sera’.

So as I sit here pondering away, I am looking out my windows with a smile on my face. When I bought this place it did not have any window coverings. And for me I was good with that. I really do not like that trap closed in feeling and where I live, I do not need curtains. But because I do not care for air conditioning (not natural as I told my eldest sister…another story for later), my daughter says to me that we need to cut out the heat coming in through window panes. Well I have to say that she is so right….the heat was managed. These curtains are dual purpose, keep heat out and keep heat in…summer and winter seasonal wear. Gotta love it. And for the most part, with the combination of ceiling and floor fans and having drawn the curtains closed during the heart of the day, bearable. But now, the curtains are spread wide open to let the light shine in. Love it. Oh happy day.

And let me see how the best dryer ever bought….my clothes line. Courtesy of my brother in law. Freshly hung clothes on the line. I have to chuckle because my daughter will say, “Mom, we have a dryer.” And don’t I know it. That is for emergencies. I like the clothes hanging on a line; I like it when I see it at other people’s homes and I love it here. We do not have to throw everything out with the bath water. Do we? Not just saving on electricity but it is good for them. Then I hear in the background. “I do not want bird doo on my clothes.” I know she has a point but I have not noticed on our clothes. But then she says, ” But I like my towels soft and cuddly not a scratch pad.” Funny haha. Quirks of kids now a days.

Oops just noticed that a leaf fell on my deck. What in the world! And it is not green but yellowish. I hope that it fell because of it being too dry. Oh my. Raking leaves…no no no. Too soon. Really Mother Nature!? Oh well, blessings.

Let us think of those who are in need of prayers and hope today.

Woohoo it is a bit cool

Mother’s love

Cool out!!!! When was the last time that I could say that. I woke up this morning and what did my wandering eyes did appear but….no wrong story. Well I did wake up and boy there was a bit of a chill in the air. Is it real? Can I say there is a break in the humidity? Yippity do dah. Woohoo. I do not mind the heat but when combined, it is rough on the body. So colour me happy. I like that phrase for some reason as it seems to suit the feelings swirling inside me right now.

I love fall but no it is not Fall yet. Do not get me wrong as I love the four seasons and being able to experience them all. Summer in August is usually warm days with cool mornings and evenings. Not so much, and definitely not lately. So I am just way too happy in feeling the windy breeze lap its coolness around me. The trees are catawalling their leaves, this way and that. Oh such a delight because the wind is chilly…yep ‘put on your pants’ kind of chilly. That is why I welcome the Fall because the temperatures are near perfect. You can wear shorts and tees or light sweater and pants and not feel like you are smothering.

So thank you so much Mother Nature for the gift of reprieve. I went out on the deck and spun around, allowing the wind to whip my hair, stretching my arms out wide, relishing the gorgeousness of the morning sunlight with its warmth in the cool. Oh yeah. Don’t you just welcome the hardiness of nature’s untapped reserve of goodness…coming in and giving peace once again. I hope that it is experienced in other parts of the world today.

Well I have been on another sabbatical of sorts from blogging, My bad. Busy for a hot minute to touch base with family. When you are a mom, you are always a mom. Life unfolds in ways that are so unexpected but always you rise to the wake of family journeys. Oh to wrap your loved ones up, hold them tight, give them just a wee bit of that unconditional love so indescribable…a moment to breathe strength within. There is nothing like that feeling of helplessness until you see the whites of their eyes. Then the day follows the night and all looks new again…able to take a deep breath or four.

I think when you have children, you take on many lives (not asked of you) and that you do not stop thinking of them. It does not matter how old they are or how well they are doing or how independent they are or how far or close they are to you; you worry with love. Of course worry takes up way too much real estate in one’s mind and heart; life happens and will continue too. Things will take place regardless. But it is the response that is important I have found…oh yes the way we take what we are given and make lemonade out of lemons in life. Or is it freshie or fruit punch or what have you. It is here that you really feel life fully lived no matter what is going on. And as a mom, you respond…you know the mom way. Not from a books or internet or TV show like Leave it to Beaver or write in to Dear Abby. No. Just. Be. There. Yep.

So today I am going to enjoy such a gift of sun and wind and cool chilly breeze. You gotta love it.

Blessings. Let us pray for those who need it today. And to all school communities. Thinking of the educators and students this coming Fall as they get ready for a year of unknowns. Let it be good.

Oh for the mornings

Summer days welcome them

Just got back from my early morning walk with Maggie May. Back into a routine once again; routine, a wee bit of peace to the heart. Oh boy I loved the wandering along Cape Road as I took a peek over the wheat field to my left, seeing the rounded orangy red sun tip its crest atop the water, making it glisten and glimmer. There was a pinch of a cool breeze….I mean a smidge…. in the air. Thank goodness. So we veered off-road to find our way. Trekking over the bumpy red dirt tractor trail with its grass grown median separating the tracks while we meander up to the hilltop where I glance across the wide expanse of the bay at the lighthouse nestled on the cliff. It does its thing – a continuous rotation of light and pause out over the sea. Not needed today mind you but I am thinking much appreciated by the fishermen in the early light of dawn.

On our walk, I found quite a few indents in the dirt and noticed it came from the wiggle of caterpillars, literally hundreds scattered along our trail. I had to laugh as Maggie May and her nosy nose got right down with her snout touching the wiggle of this one caterpillar. It was moving so quickly (not like lightning) but not enough for Maggie who decided to help it out. Well she tipped little fur ball over. Yeah great help Maggie; act of kindness award. Not.

It is a sparkling day, woohoo. with its baby blue sky, cloudless, sunny, shining light everywhere. Probably hot to boot….hot days, cool nights – my favourite mix of summer blend. The rays of the sun can get so intense like this past week. My feet have had to move quickly across the deck, down the steps and find a patch of green to calm the tingles of heat waves tackling my feet and toes. Gotta love it.

So what to do today. Well colour me happy, I have to cut the lawn. Of course cutting the lawn on a hot day does not have the same appeal as cutting the lawn in late spring, early summer or late fall. It’s missing a smell, don’t you find? I cannot explain it but I know what the smell is…fresh and clean. Not today, the smell will be indifferent, not really there. And taking a look and seeing how the day seems to be unfolding, I need to take advantage of the dryness of the grass without the fallen dew usually adorning it; so I’ll be back.

Well grass is cut, sweat is trickling still even after taking a shower. It’s going to be hot tamales without the muggy. Tick and check. Another thing off the honeydo list…woohoo. No honey but lots of do. The passage from Mt “the harvest is plenty but labourers are few”…makes so much sense now.

It is kind of a bittersweet day feeling today as yesterday my daughter was to be married. And holy cow it would have been a great day for her wedding but alas, not to be. Next year is around the corner. Look out August 2021 here we come. So bless her heart, the two made a day full of fun and adventure and food. Get lemons, you make lemonade. But I love them for being positive in knowing life is to be lived. Funny how things unfold, you never know what is around your corner.

Well around the corner I will go and meet …..the many blessings before me.

Let us pray for those who are in need this day.

Back Again…A bit sidetracked

Coming home.

Well good morning good morning. I guess I skipped July and here we are in August. Woohoo. It has been a bit of a whirlwind over the last month. So sorry to be a bit sidetracked. I guess each of us in our own way find ourselves in a bit of a tizzy. Joyce Rupp writes about tizzies, a beautiful prayer to be free of tizzies. Surprisingly I had a chance to be an instructor for an on-line course again and being as Covid-19 strikes at the heart of families everywhere, I also found myself caring for my grandkids as well. Now both of these ventures I welcome but when you have two on the go….well you can get caught up in the tizzy of the juggle. All is good as the course finished, and here I am pondering once again with you.

Upon reflection, the goodness of the spiritual nourishment you receive when you are present to people and in particular the group of teachers in the course I facilitated, it felt like home. Why? Well we talked about some of my favourite things….faith and its wonderings. God is mystery on a good day so discovering a little nugget or three is kind of inspiring. You never know when God will appear. I think of that parable about the man on the roof of his home, as the flood took over. He prayed for God to rescue him. And I think there were three different times the man could be saved but he did not take any of the offerings….for he said God will take care of him. Well, God did provide but the man didn’t see. Paying attention to the life we live.

That takes me to my grandkids. They are so different. And of course they are because they are 9 7/8ths and 1 yr old now. I cannot believe it!!! Where does the time go? Well here at my place, quickly it seems. It is wonderfully different to have the little ones with me and paying attention to them their needs and wants. On the one hand, my grandson is a gamer through and through and I find myself having to decide how to help him balance gaming and life outside of gaming. He knows what he wants but for me I like to give experiences. And then on the other hand, him being content allows me to pay attention to a curious little one who likes to walk all over. She is so close to walking on her own but right now my left and write pointer finger gets a real workout. Holds on for dear life as her little feet tromps across the grass, up the stairs, down the stairs, on the deck, down the deck. over this way and that way back and forth….no rest for the wicked.

It’s all good. Both make me jump because I can. Which goes back to my pondering of the “I can” in life. You never know when you cannot. As my mind wanders, my mom comes to mind. The things she could do have changed drastically as dementia takes over. She is in a nursing home much to the chagrin of my sister and dad. But her physical well being took precedence as her safety and care needed special supports. Now mom’s “I can” takes on a new look. And for me that is my reminder, while I can do what I can I am going to fill my life with “I cans”.

The wake of covid-19 and its face is changing how we do things, literally. It forces you to realize what is important. Having had many a conversation of the concern from the teachers in the course is what to expect in going back to school and the implications of the unknown. No answers that will be sufficient enough to settle the heart and minds so we place our faith in the collective wisdom of the leaders. No one has walked in these sandals before.

One thing that I do pray on is that as individuals we really need to pay attention to what we do. Our decision-making makes a difference to other people’s lives. I can not begin to imagine the cooped up feeling in being isolated for so long especially in spaces of multiple families like high rises. I worry for those who struggle with mental health and well being. The emotional and spiritual wellness may take a turn, a turmoil that goes crazy inside. Oh to be able to hold whomever that needs it and calm their waters.

To breathe, that’s the offering today. Just breathe.

Blessings, Karen