Catching the Funny Bone

You got it. Hahaha

I was thinking of a gift that my grandson got this Christmas. He loves to read and loves to laugh and of course I am a big believer in giving books as gifts. So I got him this book “Would You Rather”. Never heard of it before but he played this game with me a few months ago and presented me with two scenarios, neither one would I choose mind you; something off-putting like would I rather eat a worm or smell like poop. What in the world? They do not even make sense or go together or in my stratosphere of thinking. But a 10-year old, funny funny funny. He says to me, “Rara, you got to pick”. Well let me to you, it hits his funny bone. The belly laughter that comes out of him when he laughs, really laughs, is infectious. Hits you right at the very heart of your being, making you feel so delightfully full of life.

So lately, I have been preoccupied with what makes the happy in my day. Just being joyful, spent in the happy. Well, for me it has been the moments when I laugh, smile, chortle, giggle, can hardly breathe stomach hurting kind of guffaw. I love to laugh and am finding that more and more about myself. Not that you want to get sick from howling like a banshee, but holy lightning when someone makes you laugh, tears stream down your eyes, it fills your whole body from head to toe. And funnily enough, it might not be funny to the person beside you. Which makes you laugh harder.

I find that’s hilarious when someone does not get the joke and you laugh at the seriousness of the situation. Some people are natural at being funny. Telling good jokes or even better, stories that you are not prepared for when they get to the punch line so to speak. Their sharp dry wit just comes out of their mouth and your eyes go BIG and think “what the…”. No I am not going to say a bad word, not my thing. Which reminds me, swearing for the sake of swearing, every second word is ….. (fill in the blank) you have to laugh….droll kind of hahaha…of the language. Hello. There are how many words in the English dictionary, pick one, anyone….yep thought so. No I am not prudish (yes I am kind of sort of, well hey I do not care for swearing for me) but some people can get away with putting the wit into swearing usage or however they get their point across. And I laugh. Okay, enough of confession!! Gee whiz.

My brother has a man-giggle that when you get him going it is irresistible. It is kind of like a tittering, teehee, tickling-the-tongue kind of giggle. He gets his tongue just between his teeth, his eyes start to light up, and off he goes. He gave it to me. How? Well, brotherly love, osmosis, conversion, squeezing me to death (he is a strong tall fella) who knows?? A mystery for the universe to solve but when he starts, I start too. Love it and love him for that. Moments of light-heartedness with my brother. So the apple does not fall far from the tree. For don’t get me started on my dad, sometimes what comes out of his mouth, well…good old Maritime humour for my whole life. Only dad. His sayings kind of get you and I have no idea what they mean. That is the funny part. But when dad laughs, when he hits the funny bone, oh my Lord!!! Now that is a sight to see.

Laughter is the best medicine. But maybe be careful of the uncontrollable laughter…you know because you could lose control of bodily functions. Be careful i all I am saying. Although I have to share here, I have seen people laugh, controlled and uncontrolled, when it might not be a good time in that moment. You know that I know that you know you have laughed at people getting hurt (tripping over feet, hit by a ball in you know where, falling down stairs, running into a glass door or wall, hammer missed the nail) or at a funeral. What?? Yeah. Not good. However, the worst is me and my girls. I do not laugh but get mad at the girls which is absolutely hysterical to them….my daughter falls down the stairs carrying pillows. She was hurt. Instead seeing if she is alright (of course I am doing that) I get angry at her for being reckless…really Karen. Where is your compassion? Are you a mother? They can tell you a ton of stories like that. I do not always react the way I should.

So chuckle…what hits the funny bone. I know that I do not. I am not a good joke teller, funny story teller, witty. Nope. But I certainly can appreciate humour.

Tweets….my grandpa had a Clapper on his bedroom light and he farted the lights off.

friend’s prof was writing on the board. he farts. half turns towards the class and asks “what would you do if you were me?”

my dog would not stop trying to eat this one cookie that was on the floor and i yelled -he rolled on his back, peed in the air

Reader’s Digest version

Concerned that he might have put on a few pounds, my husband exited the bathroom and asked, “Do you think my chin is getting fat?” I smiled lovingly and replied, “Which one?” —Julie Echelmeier

Cheesy pick up line….“Do you believe in love at first sight—or should I walk by again?”

I want someone who will look at me the same way I look at chocolate cake.

After a long time, I told my hot coworker how I felt. Turns out she felt the same way. So I turned on the air conditioning.

People say nothing is impossible. But I do nothing everyday.

Q: What do you call friends who love math? A: algebros

My mother was hard of hearing and wore a hearing aid that she removed at bedtime. My dad would wait till she had put it on her nightstand and say, “Do you want to go to sleep or what?” Not being able to hear, she would inevitably respond with “What?” And that, my dad joked to me on numerous occasions, is the explanation for why I come from a very large family. —Mimi Wright

So today is the day that laughter becomes a great friend to invite over. Make a space at the table. Be open to the flutter of wit, the gaggle of giggles, the roar of guffaws, the loudness of belly laughter. Oh to allow the day to be filled with laughter and joy amidst the hustle and bustle of the day ahead. No the problems and situations of our life do not go away but they sure do look different with love and tears of joy in one’s heart. Give into the funny bone…not literally. For it HURTS when you hit it.

Happiness is not by chance but by choice. Choose funny. Did you know that “to succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone” ~Rebecca McEntire. So would you rather laugh like a hyena or cry like a banshee. Bless this day.

Let us pray for those who need a life of hope and joy today.

Staying in with a belly full of laughter

A picture of a glistening morn by Terry B. Love it.

Staying in today. Why?? Mother Nature, you do know it is January, mid-January!? Winter season? Right. Where snowflakes fall, snowplows make madness at end of one’s laneway, stop signs are ignored, dress like a big puffy marshmallow, know where your dog peeped, tis the season to be freezin’, can see your bad breath, drive with caution next to open fields, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, so many winter sports beginning with ‘s’, snow glistens on the branches and over fields. That winter! What in the world is today?! Not a glistening morning.

Right now, as I blog in the early morning darkness, it’s RAINING at this very moment with a crazy wind!!! Wind I expect, but rain, not so much. Oh well. Be….. Yes, Karen, be grateful. But I just washed my truck yesterday!! I could have had a free wash. Whambulance. Goodness I need to watch the weather channel more closely. So now my brain goes into gear and I am thinking, I will not be going out for a drive today because if I have learned anything over the last few years having a red clay dirt lane or pathway on the island, there is a good chance a softness to the clay will follow in the rain’s wake today. Meaning it is like a red flag for a bull…driving on clay means slipping and sliding and skidding, leaving huge tread marks, which seem to be fun for some. And then get really cold the next day. And those tire tracks become craters to drive over which is not good for the vehicle unless of course you have a big truck or hummer or grader. Okay. So no. Nope, me myself and I are staying in.

I have to laugh right now as I think back over this week. Laughter is the best medicine. Being free from self-isolation, I can gad about. Funnily enough my gadding about was to and from my daughter’s place, picking up my granddaughter as my grandson is in school. Visiting my sister and getting a big hug. Yes a hug. You remember those….remnants of covid-19 DO NOT TOUCH theme.

But spending time with grandkids. Belly laughter. And my granddaughter’s antics this week as I had her a few times, she just made me laugh. So stubborn. I wonder where she gets that from? And exercise, well me and my stairs have become quite good friends. I do not know what the attraction is but my granddaughter loves the stairs. But not just going up and down them, nooooo noooo….she wants me to carry her Elmo, her Meow Meow, her Lambie and three large balls. I am not a juggler little one! LOL. In all that, there is her little hand reaching out to me….take my hand Rara as we go up the stairs and down the stairs. Not kidding.

She has such a penchant for playing with balls. Of course I love ball sports so if my 16-month old wants to play with different sized balls, well I am not going to argue. So I show her how to bounce, catch, dribble, kick and she in turn does the same in her own way. Belly laughter here I come. And when we go outside, we have to bring a ball to kick as we walk. However, like my dog Maggie May, her little ears and eyes get distracted quickly. The curiousness of little ones is spectacular and wondrous. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child, she will stop all of a sudden and call out ‘ aww aww’. I have to smile because I have been teaching her to listen and to see the birds….cannot miss the big black crows cawing constantly. And then we begin to walk again for a bit and then she stops….turns her little head….and says quite clearly “ball”. Well Rara go fetch. Yep that’s me, I do what I am told. Naturally the ball is way back behind us.

One thing I have to remember is that having a grandson and granddaughter who are ages a part, I need to find time for each of them. And do things separately. I went to kickboxing on Friday night as my grandson is quite involved in it. He wanted me to come so I can see how far he has come along. He has his yellow belt. Woohoo. Anyway my daughter, granddaughter and myself took him to his kickboxing. Wow, I am so proud. How he can move? Now I understand the moves he tries to make on my older body. Thankfully I am not that old grandson. I still have some moves. Nope cannot kick that high, nope I cannot fake as quickly, nope I cannot do a burpie (nor do I want to), nope I do no like to punch. As I begin to enjoy myself watching my grandson grow up before my eyes, I have to laugh because my granddaughter being there….not a good thing. For what do I get….her little hand reaching out as if to say, “come on Rara. We gotta move.” You cannot contain the minds of little ones. However I was there for my grandson. Not happening. Nope a grandma cannot choose….just be everywhere. I am straining my neck as it swivels back and forth between my grandson making his kickboxing moves and my granddaughter pulling me toward the stairs….awwwww!!! Life lesson….stay home. Hahaha.

Now I am in the midst of teaching my granddaughter some wee winter lessons. Like helping her know what snow not to eat. Yuck. And going carefully on slippery areas (she says the word ‘whoa’ alot). And its okay to have snow on your boots. And keep your hat on because it’s cold. And do not pull off the mittens. And no I am not picking you up to carry….you have two good feet. And yes I will pull you in the sled but keep your hands inside. And let’s dance and smile when walking. And no do not eat dirty snow from the red dirt. And no we are not going down the ditch. And no little one you do not need to get frustrated because the stick is frozen in the ground and you cannot get it. And yes we will go inside, to turn around, to go back outside, while we heat the outside, with the door wide open as you decide you want to go in or stay outside or WHAT DO YOU WANT. Did I say that out loud? LOL.

So today as it continues to rain I am going to enjoy my down time and maybe clean up. It takes me back to a time when teaching kindergarten and we would sing “Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up”. Fun fun fun. Good old days. So, I am going to go around and tidy up after the hurricane of grandkids. You gotta love them. Mind you my grandson, being older, and TALLER!! Holy mother of goodness he is getting tall and only 10-years old. Slow down, please. He has a more contained area of presence….drink, plate, book, remote, tablet, cozy pillow, blanket…left behind. Although sometimes he will be kind and pick up after himself. Love him.

But hurricane little one, now she is EVERYWHERE. Nothing is sacred. Her world to discover and no I will not complain. I just have to make sure its safe. And I also have to make sure I do a general clean up soon after departure because if I flake out (yes being a seasoned woman) and then get up in the middle of the night…my feet do not need a surprise. Anyway, what you do not think is a big deal can become a BIG deal. No rock unturned. In this case, no cupboard untouched, no nook and cranny undiscovered, no speck of dust uncovered. Baby girl sees, conquers, and then goes to the next thing. Oh to follow in the wake of a child. Hahaha. Don’t get me started on eating habits. It’s all good. When a child is born so is a grandmother. Yep.

So I welcome the rain today. Staying inside. Curling up with a good book, or for me my e-reader, blogging a bit, texting or talking with family, whatever comes my way. And yes cleaning. Thankful to have a belly full of laughter from this week, a song in my heart (On My Own – LOL), a hop in my step, and a treat or three. And it’s Sunday even, a day with the Lord. Can’t beat that.

There is a time for everything…Ecclesiates 3:4 “a time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance.” And there is a time for staying in. Blessings.

Let us pray for those who are in need of our prayers today.

Blessings of a Winter Morn

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is time for home.” Edith Sitwell

Oh my goodness what a great morning to wake up to. Woohoo to me. This is a most beautiful wintry day; postcard perfect. Yes, I had to shovel the deck and a bit of the laneway but the gentle quiet of this winter morning is breathtaking. I wanted to get outside, didn’t even stop to brush my teeth or comb my hair. Oops too much information. LOL. Oh well. Spectacular feeling. But trying to describe what I see. It is not a brilliant blue clear sky sunny mild kind of day where the glare of the sun, for example, off the white blanket of white can blind you. No, this is a wintry sunlight, cascading its soft muted glow of snow-filled cloudy light hue filtering through the trees and brush surrounding me. Temperature is just right, not the blistering cold and breathe in the air, but okay temp. And the branches of the pine and birch trees around my home, well they are so laden with a covering of soft powdery white…natures own natural Christmas trees. Heavenly.

Surprisingly, there is not a speck of nature’s sound echoing while I was out there, except for the scrape of my shovel upon the deck and lane. No snowplow or chainsaw or vehicle revving. No, just a peaceful gentle morning. AND the snow is so light and fluffy like the down of a feather. Whew!!! I smile for my muscles will not be hurting today. I think today would be considered a skiers delight where the conditions of powder puff snow ready to greet the skier. I can just see a graceful billowing of snow widely spreading from the wake of the skies carving its trail into the side of a mountain. Ahhh. Not that I have experience with skiing or snowboarding for that matter as I never really got off the bunny hill. But I have quite an imagination and I have seen quite a few James Bond movies….LOL.

So now I am tucked away in my house, nestled cozily in my reading chair, with my laptop atop my lap and I look out the window. Winter wonderland. Lately I have been seeing such wondrous images of winter in action….friends and family making merry of winter delights including on FB. I think we have to do that, find fun in winter. Not everyone likes the snow. But snowbirds are for the birds this year…no going south. And sooooo…need to embrace winter. For heavens sake we live in a four season country!!!. But for me and for some crazy reason, I like to shovel snow. My dad was skyping me yesterday, telling me my brother got this electric kind of light weight snow blower for his deck. Yeah. No. I like to shovel and I certainly like the exercise. Mind you, the heavy kind of snow…well, not so much. But it is good to get outside, breathe in the clean air (not breathe to a point you get that slushy rush – whew that hurts) and get physically active.

Sidebar: Oh I hear the phone. Oh my Lord. I am FREEEEEE. I just got the call. I will catch you a bit later. It is 11:00 am and I am off self-isolation. Woohoo. Woohoo. Okay, now winter morning has taken on a new fresh start. I am free to do what I want and so here I am with my 16 month old granddaughter trailing behind her as she navigates the tread from the tire tracks on my long lane….doing her little thing….walking confidently (my smile is wide) in her trek down to the road. Well a little bit more stomping as she moves in her winter boots. She does not miss a beat nor do I, her Rara (grandma name for me) as I follow her like I always do. Oh but does it ever feel soooooo GOOD. Winter morn, afternoon, evening or all in between, here I come.

So hello winter morn…thank you for the greet, now it is time to meet you. What will I do today? Well let me see…sledding, sliding, shoeing, skiing (not; still on bunny hill), shovelling, snow angels, snowboarding (don’t bend like that anymore), cross country skiing (would but feet get too cold), skating, ski-dooing (once upon a time but scarred from black ice) or my all time favourite is putting back on my pjs and cozy. LOL.

Yeh I know winter bliss. But just in case winter is not quite as appreciated as it could be or should be, here are some thoughts or three. Found some funny to ponder….

Dear Winter, I am breaking up with you. I think its time to see other seasons.

Can anyone tell me where the delete winter button is?

On a positive note, I haven’t seen any mosquitoes lately?

Great the sun is out. Now I can get a sunburn and frostbite?

I like these cold gray winter days, days like these let you savour a bad mood.

Welcome to winter driving where lanes are made up and stop signs are optional.

Roses are red, violet are blue, I am tired of winter, how about you? Just kidding. Haha

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold. Aristotle. Can beat that! Blessings to us all.

Let us pray for those who are in need of comfort and warmth in their lives.

Seeing the Glimmer

Oh to see the glimmer.

You know it is hard to wrap your head around the blessings and sufferings that come at you all at once. The paradoxes in one’s life meet you square in the face. Life lived continues even when you are given a few curve balls that you were not expecting; or expecting but maybe not prepared in the way you thought you might be. I catch myself remembering to keep the cup half full in me, see the beauty in the day even when it does not seem like it. Trying to lift my feet, have a skip at some point.

Like today for instance I noticed that a 5:10 pm this evening there was still light in the sky. Yes. Yes. Yes. I mean I could still see the trees, the branches, even the snow as I looked out my window while playing scrabble. Maybe not in technicolour per se but hallelujah, woohoo…a glimmer of hope. Spring is coming. Okay not soon but closer. Right! Little glimmers of hope. FYI: Yes I am by myself. Yes I got another call from public health today to make sure I am on the property. And yes I am on self-isolation still. LOL. I am great company as I play scrabble (me myself not I…just two playing). I think I may need a dictionary as I am stumped with words with j or z or x in them, not beginning them. Of course I could have asked Maggie May to play, my dog, but she has not quite grasped the concept of not walking across the scrabble board. Haha.

But I am also thinking of how much one can take when things go awry. I think of that notion of someone saying God give us what we can handle. Really!? Sometimes it is hard to think that when you are immersed in the suffering. But be that as it may, I am praying for some people that I know who have been facing quite a few challenges in their life. A story has been shared and I hold it gently today and the days to come. How to carry their burden for a bit. I love that prayer poem Footprints; it speaks of those times in our journey where God is carrying us while we put one foot in front of the other because that is all that we can do. Nothing makes sense.

I am putting out a prayer right now for those whose stories being lived are a bit too much especially one story of a woman who now is in palliative care. Oh my. It hurts the heart that one. And in my own family, with my mom in a nursing home where Covid-19 has become present; mom being quarantined. Dad looking at her through the tablet, seeing him trying to jump into that screen to hold her. Tears drop on my cheek. How did we get to this point? No words. No words. The pastor at the church I attend near me (have not been for awhile mind you) offers a daily video on the Gospel reading of the day. Thankfully my ears seem to hear as I listen to the reflection on the Gospel, the messages keep stirring in me, thankfully, and bring to light a nugget, a glimmer of the more. Oh to hold on to those nuggets of faith.

The glimmer of hope is that even in the suffering, life continues all around us. Is that what we need to grasp on to, keeping hope alive in our troubled heart, in our troubled world? Suffering and hurt and sorrow are not what we want but what we get, receive, experience in our journey. It is part of the earthen world. How to navigate the heart and mind as it pulled this way and that, to the point where at times you cannot breathe. Grasping at something tangible when answers are intangible, unattainable, nonsensical to the circumstance lived. I remember vividly the many moments in my life where suffering took place with me or someone close but all, life continued. It is simply unfathomable to grasp and yet ever so much real.

I turn to Joyce Rupp, someone who I have brought into my life quite often, a book mentor if you will. Her spiritual insights on living, healing, forgiving, dying and the saving grace marked by faith with Christ, she helps me with the glimmer in the hope. This is a piece that has resonated with me in a talk she gave….

She said, “Hope is not just one single quality or promise. Hope has to do with believing beyond today – knowing there is a garden of beauty that awaits me. Hope encourages me to follow my dreams, to believe in the part of me that envisions my wholeness. Hope is trusting that what is happening will eventually make sense, or if it never does become more meaningful, it will still offer an opportunity for growth. “Hope assures me each morning that my life is of value no matter how unsettling or disturbing my current situation is. Hope encourages my heart not to give up and nudges me when it is time to move on. … Hope tucks promises of growth inside the pockets of my struggles.”

There are many little pieces of hope all around us, little glimmers shining but how do we look in our world. Do we see the dark sky or the shining twinkle of the stars spread wide and thick. Do we see the despair before us or see the hand being held out to help. Do we sit in the pain or take the step one at a time. There is no right way to navigate but oh to know that we are not alone.

Seeing the glimmer today. Blessings.

Let us pray for those who are in need of our prayers, held gently and carefully, and in need of compassion for all who struggle with life’s pain and sorrow.

Early Morning Riser

It’s quite early yet as I looked out the window at the pitch dark with only a hint of light beyond the horizon of the trees behind my place. Suppose to be 1’C today!! Hmmmm….mild for this time of year. Don’t you just love the silence of the morning. Winter has its own special brand of silence. The blanket of snow, sound-proofing the life hidden underneath, muffling man and nature all around. Not the echoing of the waves from the nearby shore, nor lobster boat motors running err -err-err sound from the valley below, nor chirp chirping of the multitude of birds living around, nor power saw revving from my neighbour (he is in the wood cutting business); no just a silence quiet and calm. Oops. Maybe the branches swinging and hitting one another as I do hear a slight wind howl. Oh yes and I do hear some vehicle starting its engine somewhere nearby.

I am an early riser, love to begin my day at the crack of dawn. It is in these times where being wide-eyed and bushy tailed (a favourite saying of my dad’s…one of many I might add) does not need to happen. And I am not a ‘go to the kitchen and press the button for the coffee blend aroma maker’ kind of girl to pick me up nor do I take long to do whatever. When I look in the mirror, what you see is what you get. No, I just get up, do my morning constitution and off I go. Not that I was ever a big fussy person to begin with but washroom routines has been shortened even more so since going to Kenya many moons ago. The appreciation of a simpler lifestyle, not needing too much, and certainly not wasting good water for example on brushing teeth, long showers, or tap water (no need to get it cold). No fuss no muss.

Now my dad mind you, yes my dad, he takes a long long time. Dad are you kidding me? Gotta get those whiskers off, gotta wash my face…I am not sure all that he does but I have to pop into the washroom quickly before the pipes burst if you know what I’m saying. Giddy up dad for goodness sake. But the funny part is, each person has their own morning routine. Me, I do not want to miss the morning dew or sunrise, or in this case, seeing if I need the shovel the deck so Maggie May my dog, does not have a bit of a bird because her little legs cannot get through the snow on the deck or further out. Not really a fan for the little yellow spots left on the deck Maggie May. Just letting yah know. Not that I eat the snow like the good old days mind you but my grandkids might. Did I teach them that yet?

Well I have four days left to go I hope of my self-isolation. Yeah me! Cannot wait until Saturday (or Sunday). Last time I was let out (it feels like that) the day before the two weeks of quarantine back in September. Music to my ears. My truck is facing forward in the drive, has not moved because you never know who is looking. FYI: The island is really good thankfully about containing the virus, informing the residence and islanders following protocols for the most part. Each new case as I understand, I think we may have 2-3 cases right now, seems to mostly come from those flying in from somewhere else. Let us pray things get better for all of us.

Yes I am going to be ‘free’ soon. Woohoo. When you are used to doing something and it is taken away, you kind of miss it. I take a walk down my lane and Maggie May is right beside me ready to go further. Nope have to turn around. If there is one thing I really enjoy doing, it is going for long walks especially near water or in nature. But to pass the time away until I can, I have been out in the woods behind me and carving out (pulling strewn branches from the ground, prickly limbs at eye level, and branches that have died) a walking path for my grandkids. I want to give them experiences of the beauty of nature. I have taught my 16 month old granddaughter to hug a tree. It might sound silly but when you wrap your arms around a tree, they feel solid and strong, makes me feel a strength going through me. And she is getting to know nature up close and personal.

But also being up in the early morning, it is a time for me. Just me. And God too. Always present, thankfully. Dawn’s gift is kinda of like a tip toeing in the quiet, awakening to the nuances of the day. Time for reflection, meditation even, a prayerful moment given to the heart, mind and body as I greet the day. Of course one’s mind can go acrobatic… got to to this and that, up and down, back and forth, tizzy kind of action. Especially if you have had a tossing and turning night of little sleep because of A B C or Z. On the other hand, more kindly to one’s soul, it is an invitation to hopefully, carefully, gently allow the mind and heart to do that slow dance to open the day. Ahhhh. Yep that sounds about right.

I mean really the early morning is a perfect time to give the day ahead some clarity. And naturally to spend quality time with my dog. Not that she needs more of my attention; she is attached at the hip literally. Where I sit or lay or walk….she is right there. Interesting the devotion of a dog. That is for another day. LOL. But to give time for me, allowing me to find me, talk to me, be with me…not anyone else. Yes, I know that many have a significant other who may come into the space or not…I smile when I think of each of my daughters….they certainly come at the morning differently. Or if they even see the morning…yes youngest I am talking about you. The other two, one more of a morning person (not real early morning mind you) and the other forced to do, lovingly and gladly, as any new mom will be up EARLY. Both have younguns…need I say more. No rest for the wicked.

Now I am not going to ignore that early morning and staying in bed thing, not moving a muscle is quite appealing too. It can be quite healing and healthy, being still, looking around, paying attention to the details surrounding you. Allowing the thoughts to come rushing in, knowing that you are safe and nestled amongst the warmth of the blankets. Ah yes, that is a good feeling too. I think of my youngest sister who will text me early in morning and let me know…I’m off today, in my jammies, and NOT getting out for a bit. Or longer. I smile to myself. Yep that works too.

I guess for me it is up and at ’em. So rise and shine, start the day, however and whenever….blessings.

Let us pray for those who are in need of prayers and being held so gently.

You got the pen…

You got this.

Woohoo!!! Welcome welcome welcome 2021. Oh my goodness this is the best day EVER because today is the day that your pen begins to fill 365 pages of memories and possibilities and hopes and dreams and whatever. Get ready for a great year. So how are the resolutions going?? Long or short plans. Checklist or a narrative. Ode or limerick Excel or Powerpoint. Last night I was asked that very question about what my plans for resolutions were for the new year. Funnily, I put that on hold as I enter the year in self-isolation. Oops, I need my phone near by as the public health will be calling me today (daily check in – had 4 already) to check in to see how I am doing). One of my first jots on my page for the new year. LOL

I think my resolution right now is being more reflective and holding on to the half full cup filled with a bit of humour, a sprig of laughter, a pinch of wit, and a whole lot of chuckle. Hey, life is to be lived, why not start the year with a laugh and merriment and even jocularity (10 dollar word – whew) instead of those fly by night good intentions. Haven’t you heard that phrase “I’ll never do that again.” Nah. Been there done that. DOES NOT WORK. Just saying. Maybe I’ll put in to be a better version of myself…of course everyone needs work. But I do want that…to be a better version of me and enjoy the little things given in this life.

FYI: I am still plugging away with on-line dating and as my daughters say, patience is a virtue. Yes it is. Did you know that baggage is not luggage? And that looking for love in all the wrong places has taken on a new meaning for me. But I have made a few acquaintances/friends…. NOT close to the island mind you. What’s up with that? I mean I put a photo up, wrote a bit about me, what more do they want?!? LOL. Not me as yet. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Getting back to resolutions, I know I certainly have the best intentions to change something about myself or start doing something differently. But after the first day, well you know how it is. The mind can convince the heart to do what the mind wants to do, or is it vice versa? Anyway best intentions. LOL. How about when you are thirsty in the winter…maybe eat only white snow. Or the diet of a life time…lose weight by hiding it somewhere you’ll never find it or remove all the bad foods from the house; they were delicious. Or how about please Lord grant me the ability to sock it to em across the internet. Just saying.

Or maybe just think more, talk less. Oops, I already do that one.

But if nothing else, I have the pen in hand so I get to write on my daily page. So what does your first day look like? Well in all seriousness, it is January 1st and I look outside my window and there is NO snow. It looks like a spring or late fall day right now. Grass is green, the sun is out, and a little bit of a bite in the air breeze. I already got some beautiful messages from people that I love and people that I just me recently, all wishing a Happy New Year. Being in self-isolation since coming back to island gives me a different set of choices….NONE. LOL. That is not true of course. But I do have to carry my phone around with me to get THE health call. Not that they can see I am home or not. It is part of life on the island when you return and do not see it changing any time soon. And we are, bless this island journey, that we are relatively safe.

My heart hurts as I hear about the rampage of the virus being out of control…again. I feel for the frontline workers, medical and health staff, and all the others who are working out in the public foray. I cannot begin to imagine their journey and taking its toll on each and every person. So I have nothing to complain about…remember cup half full. And of course there are all kinds of sorrows in and around the world beyond the virus which have caused havoc, chaos, loss, suffering, devastation.

So my resolution should be simple, what can I do to make things better with my own footprint. I think of my own family members and them working as essential workers. Two things that come to mind in what they have in common – compassion and mirth. They make others feel good in whatever way they can. I love that about them.

Anyway, serious or funny, resolutions do have good intentions. And they are hopeful. Why not? So then work out because you want to, do acts of kindness, plug out instead of plug in, give a compliment, thumbs up if you cannot touch, stop the gossiping (remember the old adage if do not have anything nice to say, keep quiet), volunteer, write or think of 3 gratitudes of the day, take the stairs, clean our your car, stay in touch with people who matter, pray, do a staycation, send a handwritten letter (snail mail all the way), travel somewhere with no may, make your bed every morning, and really just be you.

Happy New Year 2021. Get your pen ready…you are in for a year of promise, possibility, faith, hope, joy, laughter, chance, dreams, longing, light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows? Blessings to you all this day.

Let us pray for those who are in need of prayers and hope today. Let us hold them gently in our hearts.

PS. A kind-hearted friend posted this on FB, which I thought would make for a good chuckle as the new year begins. 1. The dumbest thing I ever bought was a 2020 planner. 2. I was so bored I called Jake from the Co-op just to talk to someone. He asked me what I was wearing. Oh my. 3. 2019: Stay away from negative people. 2020: Stay away from positive people. 4. The world has turned upside down. Old folks are sneaking out of the house & their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors! 5. This morning I saw a neighbour talking to her dog. It was obvious she thought her dog understood her. I came into my house & told my cat. We laughed a lot. 6. Every few days try your jeans on just to make sure they fit. Pjs will have you believe all is well in the kingdom. 7. Does anyone know if we can take showers yet or should we just keep washing our hands? 8. This virus has done what no woman has been able to do. Cancel sports, shut down all bars & keep men at home! 9. I never thought the comment, “I wouldn’t touch him/her with a 6-foot pole” would become a national policy, but here we are! 10. I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator. 11. I hope the weather is good tomorrow for my trip to the Backyard. I’m getting tired of the Living Room. 12. Never in a million years could I have imagined I would go up to a bank teller wearing a mask & ask for money. Laughter always!

Good to be home

(No this pic is not now but last summer. Haha).

Well, it’s been a while in extending an invitation to you all to come and sit a spell with me. Whew! I have been off the grid so to speak over the past few weeks as I have been in Ontario with family since early November. Blessings blessings blessings. So good to see family (sorry to all of my friends, it was not a time for me to visit you; but one day) when I normally would not at this time of year. I felt like Nanny McPhee in the movie when she said, when you need me, I will come. When you want me but no longer need me, I will go. That’s it in a nutshell. Best feeling to be needed. But before I forget, Merry Christmas to all and to all a joyous and bounty of love for this season of Christmas 2020. I hope whatever you did or whomever you were with, it was simply wonderful and life-giving with good company, good eats and good memories. Forever grateful for mine.

And now….woohoo, yippykaiyeah…all I can say as it is good to be home. No offense daughters of mine. I felt like Dorthy from Wizard of Oz last week, wanting to click my red heels together to say quietly and gently “there’s no place like home“. To get back home to the island, talk about jumping through hoops though. Firstly, knowing I am leaving just after Christmas, preparation is essential. Why one may ask? Weather and Covid-19 certainly has its snowflakes and little cellular spindles of virus, impacting decisions including travel. Me, truck, travel, home. Yep, you know it. Easy…not so much, Can I just hop in the truck and go? Nope. Not likely.

What do I have to think about? Well let me tell you. Over and above the weather and Covid-19 obstacles, one might get a stress call, for example (you know the kind), from certain family members saying…Karen, did you hear on the news? Lock down. No go. Mayday, Mayday. Red zone….are you kidding me!!! But having done this twice already this year with Covid-19 and its wake, it does not mean I cannot travel straight through provinces. Just have to know what service centres are open and essential gear with me like masks, Purell, gloves, food, water, pillow, blanket, winter clothes, windshield washer, snow wiper). I have to kick myself as I always forget to pack that shovel in the back of truck. Oh well. Four wheel drive all the way. AND so with a calm voice or text, I assure family members that its all good. Hmmmm….Not so easy. Worry worry worry. Yep, gotta love them. Breathe.

And then of course, weather. You know that white fluffy billowy snow that may or may not come in November or December. And why not top off the planning adding a touch of drama of record breaking snow fall hard and plenty in Barrie area, again!!! Check meaning of weather…Ontario – Quebec – New Brunwick – PEI. Put in phone weather city points from Kingston to Cornwall to Montreal to Quebec City to Riviere de Loup to Edmunston to Fredericton to….you get the picture??? So enter city and voila, Sunday is the window of opportunity!! Not Saturday, not Monday, but Sunday. Why one might ask? Sun. Glorious sun ALL day. ALL DAY. No hint of snowfall. So backward planning, (gotta love my educational learning many moons ago), which I see what Saturday looks like for Ontario along the 401 to get me safe (as one can be in the unpredictableness of weather) into Quebec. Good to go. All I have to do is leave on Saturday because Sunday is the go to day…which means I have to get permission, yes you know it, get Covid-19 permission to enter New Brunswick. Register. Check. Confirmed. Check. Email of confirmation reference number on phone. Check. Check. Check.

So off to the races. Tears are the hard part. Saying goodbye to family. Not good. Do not want to think about it. That is why I usually leave during the dead of night when all asleep, easier on the old ticker. Just saying. But left during the day because I do find driving in the day time easier…so much easier. However this time not much traffic around Toronto and GTA and beyond along 401…silver lining of Covid-19. Although everywhere I look, huge neon signs flash BE SAFE, STOP COVID-19. STAY HOME. Well that is where I am going…to stay home. Literally.

Anyway thankfully, gratefully, happily the drive was fairly good all the way up to and including Riviere du Loup. But naturally, by the fates, turning from 20 est to route 187 in northern Quebec ,it did not follow protocol….my investigative report on weather did not hold. Nope. Snow. Slippery. Yucky. And dark too. The swirling snow with high beams…not so great. Enough already. But I already know to expect the unexpected as northern Quebec and New Brunswick will alway be the bane of my existence in terms of unpredictable weather. For one never knows including moose crossing what lies ahead. Albeit one day, as an aside, I would like to see a moose. That is for another time. Anyway, I got into New Brunswick okay.

Check point. Stopped inside the NB border to be screened by health unit person and police woman. Symptoms. License. Registration number. Reason for travel. License plate. INSTRUCTIONS. No stopping except for gas, washroom and if you want food, drive through. Okey dokey smokie. Got it. Smooth sailing. A bit tired as I had been driving since 3 pm the day and it was 3:07 am (not bad timing I have to say). Anyway had a hot minute of shut eye in Grand Falls Big Stop before doing the last leg. The sun finally came up just after 7:30 am…oh my goodness the world looks different in the daylight. Yeah. New Brunswick is wicked beautiful with the snow laden rocky terrain, sheer ice rock face on both sides of super highway (super meaning you can travel 120 km as speed is 110) shhh. Oooyah. And forest…everywhere. And little to no traffic. Gotta love it.

I have to say I love stopping at the big service centres along the drive from Ontario to PEI. They had goodies galore if you want them, prepared for the travelling man (woman). Enroutes and Big Stops – my kryptonite for travel pitstops. Check them out. Okay, getting back on track…its time to take the round about at Port Elgin NB and head on home, the last leg before Confederation bridge. That is another thing. I mean I could plan all I want on the mainland provinces but if a wind or storm comes up, I am out of luck getting across to the island. Literally I would be stuck on NB side. But hey, not Sunday, alls well that ends well.

The best feeling, my hands start to clap together quickly, a big smile on my face as put the pedal to the metal (metaphorically speaking)…and get me home. The 13.5 km trek across the bridge, over the open water is welcomed. Surprisingly, but happily, I see the red dirt cliffs lining the island as I drive closer the shores of PEI. I was expecting snow but greeted by the charm of the red dirt from the island. Alas I sigh and smile widely. I’m home.

Good to be home?? Yes it is. 19 hours later I am finally back. There is no place like home. Self-isolation for 14 days. Yes. Do I miss family. Footprints stamped on my heart always. It’s all good. Blessings.

Let us pray for those whom are in need of our prayers today.

Honest to Goodness

This is going to date me, really date me…do you remember the kind of goofy man, Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors), from the Andy Griffith Show. He had a favourite saying…surprise, surprise, surprise. And also golly… Don’t you just love how you jog your memory which jogs another memory? Well, anyway, what are some surprises in your lives these days. Unusually mild weather for one. December is here!! Advent and Christmas drawing near. Last month of year that ends 2020, thankfully, hopefully, with a promise of good things to come?!? Reds and greens become Christmas adornments, not pandemic stages. Maybe a slim slight small tiny bit of hankering for days of old, like turn back clock to fall 2019 for example. Just a daydream…aahh. And the forecast for today, snowfall or rain or green grass…eeny meenie miney mo. You just never know where the wind takes you.

Honest to goodness on-line dating is crazy, big surprise…not as I am realizing. Little update. You know I guess I expect people (men) to be honest and well….not so much. No wonder I have read quite a few of the profiles from different men and they talk about wanting certain things…no drama, no baggage, no lying, no cheating, no photo no go, no whatever. They must have been doing it for awhile. They reveal very little of themselves. I get it. So far I have learned to (and not too well mind you)….Say little. Reveal little. Go slow. Need to see and talk to them either, by phone, and then eventually video chat in some way. Are they real? When someone does not want to talk on phone because they do not want you to hear their voice…what do they mean? Are you kidding me!!! Or not able to video chat because where they are working it has poor reception or not allowed? Really? Or better yet, meet them after video chat. “Can’t yet” is the going rate (oops phrase). I have not got to the stage of seeing or meeting someone. Pandemic is excuse. Good. Now I am thinking, if I video, then decide to meet, I will take someone with me so that I can make a quick exit. (Just kidding). NOT. And for heaven’s sake, talk with a friend or family member once you begin just to get another take on the person. For I have learned that I just cannot be fully open but open. Not fully sharing but sharing. Not fully saying too much but say a little much. Get the idea. Not be myself. Gotcha.

So today I had to block. It is not a respectful way to end things. But it seems to be a way to do scams. Thankfully I shared a ‘red flag’ story with my daughter who kindly said, “MOM”. Oops I am in trouble. Of course, she is gentle with me but gives a slight shake of her head and lets me know that I need to talk with my daughters or sister. She called her sister and well, that’s the name of that tune. So block. A fine how do you do. So now what? Do I chalk it up to whatever. No. But how to approach without getting roped in to being made to feel wonderful and then wham….thank you mame!! LOL. It is kind of funny because wanting to get to know someone should be joyous and fun and feel good inside. Like Christmas. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love love love Christmas time. A season of joy and love and faith and hope, wrapped up in a present to be unwrapped slowly over December (or for me it begins in November).

Oh well, c’est la vie!! I am grateful for my girls and their support for they just know what to say. Everyone needs a cheerleader. So off I go to put things on pause. What is that phrase…if you fall off the horse, you have to get back on again. Are the bumps and bruises part of the deal of love? Yep. I guess. I watched this light romance movie on Netflix the other day, Love Guaranteed. This man went on real dates, face to face, with a 1000 women, and did not find his love match even though the on-line site said he would be guaranteed love. At least he got to meet them face to face. That is like a lot of breakfast, lunch and dinners. Oh my. So I guess I should not feel so badly really. I certainly have a ways to go. As my girls keep reminding me, it will come when you least expect it.

I also think my daughter said it well as she reminded me that it is not a checklist. Life is to be lived and things come to us in own time. I may be ready which is so new to me to begin with but just because I made up my mind, it is not a job. LOL. Check check check. It is not my daily list or honey do list (don’t have a honey but lots to dos’, check check check. It is not a ‘gotta git er done’. Check check check. Yep. So make it fun. Enjoy the process. I believe I said that initially. Oh love, love come softly. LOL. It’s all good.

Enough of the up date. So back to surprises. I am really hoping that Christmas will be joyously surprising for people regardless of how they celebrate it…remotely or together if they are blessed. Just love going around the neighbourhood and be pleasantly delighted to see Christmas lights aglow. Woohoo. It is really interesting how creative families and friends can be when they have to be. If nothing else the pandemic has forced us, I mean it in the kindest way, to take stock of what and who we are all about. As for Christmas dinner or parties, I know that there will be those who will not listen, do the big gatherings, and others will not, but regardless let it be an astonishing time. I am recalling my brother-in-law sharing own family traditions and his mom being adamant to have the family gather including Christmas this year. But circumstances led to her realization that maybe not…it is hard to break old and make new traditions. I mean my most treasured moments and sense of completeness comes when my family are all at my dining table.

I did have a wonderful surprise recently which has been delightful to me. I had an unexpected message from a person who I had not heard from, felt I lost touch with forever actually, since just after university. We were the best of friends which was an unbelievable joy to be a part of. But for many reasons, we lost touch. Then a few weeks ago, out of the blue I might add, her name came up across my Facebook page to friend me. It was the most loveliest of aha surprises for sure. And so wow….lost now found.

I think that is a true gift and surprising blessing when you have a friend or friends in your life. Whether the person (s) is in your family or outside your family, you develop a wonderful relationship that gives you joy and warm feeling inside. In this case, getting to know her all over again but with so much more to share. But it also a wondrous reminder to me of the beauty and awe of friends; in that with some you can take up where you left off, even if you had not seen or heard from them for years. It is like you just picked up and have not missed a beat. Beautiful to experience but more importantly counting my blessings.

Funnily, I am humbled because other people I have not heard from have come in as well…former colleagues turned friends over the years. Lost touch or life happens. Now all of a sudden…just lovely lovely lovely. Grateful. It goes back to the wonderful feeling in a surprising way that people want to stay in touch. I smile from ear to ear when I think of the different friends that I have had and still have and know them to be a privilege to have them in my life and still want to. I must be doing something right. LOL. Bless their hearts.

For me, I think it is me asking if I am open to surprises. Amazing things can happen as I have found out. So surprise, surprise, surprise, however they come. Blessings.

Let us pray for those in need today.

PS. One surprise which made my eyes pop….my dad said do you know there are white squirrels. Well let me tell you I took a picture as you can see. Now that is a surprise.

Life continues to be precious

There is so much in life that one can be grateful for. And then there are times when you wish you can change things but they are out of your control. I am feeling a little bit unsettled as I think of my parents these days. My mom as you may know is in a nursing home or villa which has now been shut down from any outside visitations. Now it is back to the virtual visits on Facetime. Thank the Lord for small mercies. It is hard enough that she can only get one visit per week with my dad (now because of pandemic spiking), that is done like toast. Trying to make light of something that does not seem to have a happy ending for a long long time.

Got to visit mom on Face Time on Saturday and she started to cry. She cried because she cannot be with her family. To be in her own home. To see her husband. To see her children. To be around things familiar. No one wants to see their mom cry. And worse, I began to cry and I could not swallow back my tears, I just could not. Whew. But then, I think of my dad sharing his last face to mask visit with her as he was describing his visit with her from across a table inside the villa. Mom had opened her arms wide to get a hug…telling dad to “take me home”. There is my dad telling his wife of 63 years, “not now honey”. He will not hug her either because he wants to be able to come back to visit. Now with cases going crazy around Covid, it plays with the heart and mind. How to get one’s head around something that one cannot take the bull by the horns and control the uncontrollable??? Grrrrr. I know…it is for the best.

But two weeks ago my dad experienced some health issues that he did not expect. A healthy man in his 80’s does not bode well with health issues. Let me tell you. So unhealthy health and loss come to greet him. Not easy to watch him struggle with things out of his control. And dad likes to be on top of things always. Losing his wife to something that is cruel to the human mind. Losing his partner and not being able to do what he hoped to do along with her. Experiencing health issues which is not in his purview. Slow down. Not in his vocabulary. But does he take whatever sitting down. No, not my dad. The day after he got home, there he is bringing up the finished laundry, going up and down the stairs for whatever reason, and doing dad. Then the next day, going out in the cold to get his visit in with his wife, worrying she will not see him and him see her. I mean dad does “LISTEN” mean anything to you. Nope. The philosophy of life of my dad is a wonder and have no idea what goes on in his mind. No sense dwelling on it but maybe a wake up call. Yeah. Nope. And worry…he worries about so many things.

Life is precious. It is a mantra of mine; one that I am not sure how many times I say in a week or month but it seems to spill out too often. Not quite often but too often. When does one realize the preciousness of life we are given. I keep coming back to the song The Dance by Garth Brooks. Not sure why but maybe the reality of how life comes to us. What would we do differently? And then I think it is really important to be all that we can be and embrace the life given now, Today. In the moment. For the moment can be snatched in a blink of an eye.

Then you find yourself thinking, how did I leave the person that I was with, be it family or friends or mere acquaintances, today or yesterday. And how about tomorrow. How does one imprint in one’s heart and mind to go about your day knowing that life is but a ripple in the water. But while the ripple moves outward, how many ripples can one make in their day or lifetime?

No one knows but God, or another higher power in belief system within, of where your life will go. Life is already invaluable, an exquisite reminder of the worthiness of breathing and living fully. A gift to be treasured. A dance not to be missed. Not only mine but my neighbours…you. What does it take to remind us of the wonder and awe and delight of life given?

And so dance….”I could have missed the pain. But I’d have had to miss the dance.”

Let us pray for those who are in need of our thoughts and kindness and hope today.

Do you remember?

For some reason I have been caught up in nostalgia. Driving my truck the other day, I was listening to this banter between two radio personalities from some station…not sure which one…and they were talking about do you remember? The one radio host began their talk by recalling shopping at Zellers, an old department store, of all things. You know the one; it was a general discount department store that could be found in every mid to city sized community in and across Canada. It had a restaurant attached called the Skillet, with its grab food behind the glass experience. And Zeddy the bear advertising their slogan “the lowest price is the law”. Okay why do I remember that. I thought Zellers was long gone!! Apparently there are still two left somewhere in the States. Anyway the store is not being resurrected – no. It was a woman sending in a commentary about missing the good old Zellers. I smile because I’m remembering Zellers and Kmart too. Those two stores were my go to stores when my daughters were little girls, many moons ago. If one store did not have it, the other store would and vice versa. And it was cheap to shop. Ahh…the good ole days. Wasn’t there a Towers too?!

Which led me to thinking about Sears and Eaton’s. They were the bomb of department stores. Certainly not like a Saks or Bloomingdales or Maceys. Watch too many movies. Anyway in little old Canada, Sears and Eatons just had everything…everything out of my reach, that is. But boy, that was okay because both stores just made you feel happy (or at least the ones that I went into). Walking around each store, looking at the way they displayed things, create an impression of style and flash. Caught my attention. Although I never partook as my girls would attest to. They are so better at fashion sense and style.

And Christmas season. Whew!! Both stores went to town. They had the best displays bar none for Christmas. The smells of the scented pine cones and peppermint comes to mind. And colour. Latest and greatest fashion sense in home decor of Christmas delight. But the big attraction for me was and will always be the trees. They came in all sizes and kinds with joyous splendour in decorations. Oh my goodness. It felt like I was in the final scene of the movie Miracle on 34th Street, where the couple and little girl walked into this beautiful cottage mansion type home and went into the living/familyroom. Do you remember that scene? Well let me tell you the room was decked out with the finest images of tradition and modern and rustic Christmas warmth; so inviting. And every year, Sears would have that huge Christmas catalogue that I could not wait to get my hands on. It used to come and be dropped off on our doorstep and then they changed it, you had to go in to get one. But I would spend hours just looking at the catalogue, getting ideas for Christmas. It was well worn for sure. And funnily the girls when older loved to look at it too. I would even find little check marks or initials of things they would like to have. Good plan girls. Sneaky.

Then I think back to all kinds of stores that used to be in towns and communities in my neck of the woods during my childhood and early adult years, common fixtures of any downtown such as Woolco, Woolworths, Woodwords, Bi-way, Radio Shack , White Rose, A & P, Marks and Spencer or Consumers Distributing. They probably date me too. LOL. Which reminds me of recent ones that are no longer like Future Shop or Blockbuster (oh I miss the bagged movie popcorn) or HMV or Sam the Record Man (great music deals). I thought a movie rental store would be forever. Oh I miss going through the movie aisles with the girls. How things have changed? Here today, gone tomorrow.

But now I feel badly because today, there are some stores and businesses in this pandemic time of our lives that will be gone before they even had a chance to really take off. Not alot of memories will be attached to them to recall do you remember. What stores or businesses are going to be able to ride the wave, the after affect of the pandemic, and come out on the other side? Buy local is the mantra of the day from all areas of communication: social media, ads, radio announcements, newspapers, television, neon signs…you name it BUY LOCAL. Yep.

I’m recalling this conversation I head about a month ago between a cashier and customer which had caught my attention. They were talking about buying local and saying that as Christmas draws near, you better get things now; very little will be accessible or available come Christmas time. The cashier thought that the products people want may not be available as it is so difficult to get things from the makers of items. Layoffs and such, companies working at half capacity. Just think of the paper towel, toilet paper and disinfectant frenzy not too long ago. Could not get the items for love nor money? So many people have turned to on-line shopping like Amazon and Prime, purchasing items on-line rather than shopping local. Just go to your local post office and see the names of the side of the boxes from the stacked boxes lining the walls. I guess being cooped up in your home or dwelling for periods of time, the alternative would be to shop safely…click click click purchase…delivered. It is absolutely amazing how pervasive the pandemic has become, taking roots into the practices and behaviours of our way of living.

Anyway it has been kind of interesting going back to those remembered places. Not sure why I remembered many of them but it seemed like I would think of one thing which led me to another and then to another. LOL. It reminds me of the movie Slumdog Millionaire where the young man, after answering the questions correctly again and again, had arrived at each answer because of his lived experience with each particular question given to him. Holding onto memories…connect connect connect. Like the W stores…thought of Woolco which led to Woolworths and so on. You tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on…. LOL.

Keeping nostalgia alive. Blessings to this day.

Let us keep those in our thoughts and hearts with prayer today.