Karen Pond


Just a little bit about me. Well I am a mother of three daughters and I just been given a beautiful third grandchild, baby girl in mid March. Now I have three grandchildren, 9 8 months and two weeks old as of April 1. I cannot believe my good fortune and blessings to have been a teacher for 33 years. Recently retired from education in Ontario and moved out to PEI where my middle daughter lives with her two children and partner. My youngest daughter just moved in with me as she just finished her schooling. So I toggle two provinces and I know the trip from Barrie Ontario to PEI like the back of my hand. I love to write and take pictures. As you can see this is me, shadowed on the rock face of the red cliffs nearby. I like the idea of photos becoming more of images, speaking to the viewer. However, my passion bar none is narrative writing and so I maybe a bit too wordy at times… but that’s me. I have a dog Maggie May and now two black furry cats that came with my youngest daughter J. I live in a small fishing harbour community on the north shore of PEI and love it. I spend my early mornings (not recently) walking the sandy/rocky shoreline and then up along the red cliffs above the sea. There is nothing like it. I like to live simply and trying my best to give back to others as I support who I can. In the summer work at a local Inn nearby as housekeeper – love it. Physical labour. Tried mussel socking…not so much fun and hard work. Bless those who do it; and a few days of supply (not much now). I mainly live for my girls and grandkids while worrying about my parents and older sister back in Ontario…as their health is not so good. My faith keeps me strong and thankful to the blessings as I think of family, friends and community. Thanks for joining me.

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  • Love to walk
  • Spend time with grandchildren
  • Serve others
  • Take pictures
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