Morning sunrise

Can’t wait to see you once again. Good morning.

By far my most favourite part of the day is the early morning especially when the sun comes up, rising over the horizon, peeking its face while spreading its rays of delight, over the nooks and crannies hidden in the dark. Kick my heels and alleluia. I have a smile on my face as it is the fourth day in a row with me singing in my head (my voice is appreciated only by my grandchildren) “Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me…”. A cheery little ditty to begin my day as no need for a coffee fix. Not that there is anything wrong with coffee mind you, but it is not my choice of drink. Never had a cup of coffee. Tea maybe but tea does not really do it for me either. Morning is my pick me up.

But, I do have to say my childhood memory of the smell of coffee made over a campfire when camping with my family ,,,heaven on earth. I remember waking early in the morn in the tent, crawling out of my warm sleeping bag, peeking my head out as I unzipped the tent flap, to see my dad either building a fire or lighting the Coleman stove to get that coffee started. I would see the coffee grinds percolating up into the top of the coffee pot as water bubbled up into the glass tip lid, letting the coffee grains ooze its flavour into the hot liquid. No matter where you were at the camp site, that smell surrounded you. I guess that is my version of Tim Horton’s long line up for a morning wakeup call.

Not necessary. I am a morning person, not so much for my daughter who lives with me (that is another story for another time), but when my foot hits the bedroom floor, I am ready to go. Like this morning with the sun shining in, I realize it is Thursday and garbage/compost day. Oops. Even though I consider myself a morning person, does not mean my whole body wakes up at the same time. Heading down to the calendar, I need to see G or C noted, so I know which container I need to roll up the lane. Its a G. Maggie May, of course, is at my heels ready and waiting (reminder that I have a few more days of self-isolation until I can really walk walk). Yeah. You gotta love your dog or at least my dog because she is ready when I am ready – attached to the hip. Literally at times.

Anyway, I am out the door and wow the air is fresh and crisp as the sun filters through the woods surrounding my lane. Excellent. The golf course and fields across the way has the sun casting its glory, clear and bright. Lovely. Early morning sunshine show-off the heavy dewdrops (frost this morning) laying on the ground. I am grateful for the frost this morning because traipsing up to the top of my lane, pulling on the large black wheeled container for garbage is not fun when my lane is soft and muddy from spring thaw. Down side about living out in the bush and leaving the lane in its natural state of red dirt, the permafrost does havoc to the lane if you drive your vehicle on it. Crater like ridges caused by vehicles makes the laneway rough for a few weeks. Welcome to spring. Woohoo. And funnily enough (FYI) a silver lining of being self-isolated, no one comes to visit. There you go…good news story.

Pondering for the day – I am not sure what you feel is your morning sunrise, what wakes you up to greet the day? In three sleeps (grandchildren talk) I get to greet the morning sunrise, get up and trek down to the shore and witness the day come to life as the sun peeks up (for however long) above the sea’s horizon to begin a new day. Blessings.

Published by karenpnd

Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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