Finding My Muskoka Chair

My muskoka them

What is up with this weather? Had my clothes laid out for my morning walk last evening thinking it would be another day like yesterday and lo and behold looked outside…you betcha rain, cloudy and wind. Well I guess it is a good day for curling up with a good book, tucked up in a cozy blanket. No point in fretting because weather knows no bounds and being on the island…well one never knows.

But yesterday..wowza… the sun was shining and had some kick to it, a warmth beating down on my face as I sat in my muskoka chair. (I think that is an Ontario label as others’ may know them as Adirondack chairs) I set up the chairs on the deck last weekend, trying to hurry along that spring to summer feeling. The ground is still a bit damp and cool as there are still remnants of snow lingering in my yard. But come on enough is enough already. Sitting there in my muskoka wooden chair, with my head back, resting on a pillow, legs stretched out…oooohaaaah…the sun had a bit of a bite and felt so good and muchly appreciated. I love my muskoka chairs. You cannot beat the feeling. Yes, I have more than one…five. Why? Hoping for company. Yes. And each chair has a different feel when you sit in them but similar – the way the tilt of the seat and back of chair allows you to slip into them, relaxing to your body shape. At least that is how it feels to me. Then when you place your hands on the arms of the chair, they are wide and flat, allowing your arms to enjoy a rest too. I guess I like its rugged solid feeling, not going to break on me when I sit. I want company to feel at home…comfortable. Stay a bit. Not too long but for a bit. Yep,

Smiling, I think back to two summers ago when I started searching for some chairs for outside for sitting around my fire pit and on the deck. It was kind of fun experience. I could go with simple and easy to store folding chairs (I have a few of them already and they can break – story for another day) or livingroom-looking kind of chairs (no interest in that). What I really wanted was something to be more rustic-cottage-country-rugged in nature. Homey. Inviting. Muskoka chairs – voila!! Not so easy to find as I thought let me tell you. However, this one place on the island, called Poppies Porch (love the name by the way), they had some beauties. Or so it seemed. I drove by and saw these beautiful colourful muskoka-like chairs, bright and cheery, displayed for all to see out on this huge yard. A little steep in price mind you (I had to swallow when I first heard the price) but oh my they were easy to sit in and feel relaxed. Wider than normal in the seat, they had a perfect blend of comfort, light weight, solid feeling and colourful. I decided to treat myself. But how to decide? Careful consideration. Well, there were about 9 on display so I sat in each of them. Then like a good teacher I applied math and science thinking; I sorted and went through a process of elimination of course. In the end, baby blue and pretty yellow – got them.

The other three, though not as expensive for sure, came from a place made with love and care by this old retired fisherman. What a character! I called ahead as chairs advertised on Kiiji, got address and drove out to his home out in country. He had a few of last year’s left over and wanted to get rid of them. The beautiful thing when I met him was to let me go ahead and sit in them for a bit, try each one out, and then he’ll come back. That is so much better than when you go in a store and employees hover over you and all you want to do is say – give me a bit of space. I love that feeling of trust, a gentlemen’s handshake. Well of course the ambiance was perfect – beautiful sunny day, shade from huge oak and maple trees, and the chairs spread around a country setting. Sit a spell.

So I tried them out and moved them around because honestly they looked exactly the same in look but sitting wise…not so much. Some felt shorter in the seating area while others had a flat arm or an angled arm. One seemed to have a longer back. I must have been there for over an hour and half. But what got me was his story of how he made each of them and took me around showing me the wood he used and how he put them together. We sat out under the shade of trees while he weaved his tale of getting to this point in his life. In the end, I bought three and I love them. He did a great job of selling without selling, if that makes sense. Just a good ‘ol soul. Did I need all these chairs? No. Company acoming. Yes.

So I sat there yesterday and I enjoyed the feeling of home. The comfort of feeling safe and solid in my chair, wrapped around me as I sunk further into the warmth of its wood, hands laying free on its arms, while me looking out into the day – my little world. It kind of reminds me a bit of Goldilocks and the three bears. Sorry, I have grandbabies on the brain – miss them so much. Anyway, I will have to read it to my granddaughters the story some time as my grandson might feel too old for that. But the story tells the tale of Goldilocks trying out the three chairs…fussing.

I get it now, it has to feel just right and it does…my muskoka chair. Thanks for giving me a sense of comfort yesterday. Blessings.

PS Let us pray for all those who loss of loved ones and those who grieve.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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