Get the grumpies out

Marble, Royal Queen Grump

Oh for heaven’s sake. I refuse to be grumpy today. I mean what is there to be grumpy about? It is not like I just went on the weather network to check in to see the forecast for today – wet snow. Weather like that makes you want to put the old running shoes on, heavy rain jacket, mitts and hat, and leap for joy…let’s go for my morning walk. Yep, that won’t make me grumpy. And no I am not going to turn on TV to the channel dedicated to and called COVID-19 channel for updates so I can see the results of the wake of the pandemic across Canada nor decisions possibly, cautiously, hesitantly being made maybe to opening up at some point sectors of what…Nah, not a glitter of grumpiness there. Nor am I going to think about the group chat video I had yesterday with my two of my daughters as I watched their own two daughters – one was crawling being busy busy busy, moving over the floor with her little hands and knees a slapping on the floor; or my youngest grandbaby with her squishy little beautiful face and the priceless expressions she does as she stretches her little 6 week old body while doing tummy time with mommy. Both babies growing so wondrously and healthily, 8 km and 1800 km away, and I CANNOT touch them. Nope that won’t make me grumpy.

And don’t get me started for goodness sake on not being able to celebrate my parents 63rd anniversary face to face on Saturday, enjoying a delicious supper made by my sister (fish and chips which unless it is haddock or halibut I really wouldn’t be too grumpy about missing; I do not care for fishy fish) topped by ice cream cake (not really my dessert either so that would be okay to skip too). But still in all to not give them a hug and kiss. Oops I forgot for a hot minute. I would not be able to anyway, hug and kiss them, as I could be a carrier of the virus that would prevent me from being there in the first place. Never mind reminding myself that I moved to the island 1950 km away. It is not like I could pop in to see them anyway. Absolutely nothing to be grumpy about.

Wow! Can I get any grumpier? I feel like searching on CRAVE TV to find Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon in Grumpy Old Men or that classic movie The Odd Couple. Or how about Clint Eastwood. He has that face and seems to star in a number of movies that has him being grumpy like Trouble with the Curve or Gran Torino or even his Dirty Harry movies. He kind of has that don’t-mess-with-me face all grumpiness, snarly looking. But my favourite is Shirley MacLaine’s role as Ouiser in Steel Magnolias. Just thinking of her makes me laugh. Now she gives grumpiness a whole new meaning, especially when Olympia Dukakis gets her going. I must like grumpy characters or at least ones that get your funny bone going.

Oh Lord give me strength. I think I must be missing my old cat Marble. Now if I wanted a grumpy fix, I certainly did not need to go too far to find her and her royal scowl and hiss look. Yep she could be mean, queen of grumpiness. I never knew what to expect especially in the last few years before she passed away. If you touched her tummy or paws…run. She did not like certain things which from my perspective, just about anything would tick her off. And don’t get me started on her love, NOT, for Maggie May. Maggie gave her a wide berth. There would be some reason in the day for Marble to take her clawless front paws, and swat Maggie on the nose. Not one swat but quick, firey, swats – bat bat bat. “Hrmp” Maggie would whine after another bout of Marble love. Yet there were times (not many) she could be affectionate…allowing you to pet her for a second or two. Miss her. Boy it hurt to see her leave this earth in March of last year; right before my eyes lying next to me. I held her little paw as she took her last few breaths…now that made me grumpy.

I guess today I needed to get the grumpies out. And that’s okay. For there is so much to smile about too. I’m looking at my dog lying beside me right now as I write. Now, she does not have a grumpy bone in her body. I mean a little bark, no scratch that, a lot of bark comes out of her but not angry or grumpy….just annoyingly yippy. That does make me grumpy at times because honestly she barks at the breeze for goodness sake. Maggie May sees the world for what it is, a great big playground to pee and poop in, followed by sniff a whiff on whatever blade of grass or lump of dirt she finds. Little nub of a tail waggling back and forth, ears flopping up and down, she flits to and fro happily. Best ungrumpiness, you ever want to meet.

Well now that grumpy has settled down, oh what a day before me. Blessings.

Keep healthy and safe. Let us pray for those in need.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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