Up Early… Rainy day feeling

The sound of music…rain.

Goodness, I hear the rain pelting away on the window panes, bringing its nourishment to nature. I am not going to say it is welcomed as much as it is needed. Okay, it is welcomed too. All around me I see the greenery sprouting and blossoming in its finery, cloaking the branches and limbs of trees and bushes. The lushness of nature thickens as the leaves and plants begin to take on their mid June look. Now as Maggie and I take our walk (not today Maggie), it is difficult to see through the woods as the recent barren spaces are wonderfully taken up by the miracles of creation, bringing a mystery to what is beyond and tucked deep within the woodland.

I look out across my lawn surrounded by trees and the green pops out as my artistic daughter would describe it. She has an eye for colours for sure and refers to colour from a graphic design perspective…patone. I have never even heard of patone, sort of like a standard huge colour wheel or guide, with green on its palate. Lots and lots of shades and hues. So before my very eyes, a landscape of the greenest of greens hold a wealth of colour as the rain gives pours forth creating a spectrum of green. Amazing the subtleness. As water drops something else happens. Its like adding a tint of, say, an emerald or sea or olive or lime (yuck) or pea (yuckity yuck) or aqua (oh yeah) to green…whoa, breathtaking.

So rain, you come and drizzle or mizzle or sprinkle or shower or teem down as you do your thing. Mind you I have the grandkids today so of course I was hoping that the rain would hold off. Being indoors is great for a bit but then you like to get out and about. I love opening up their world especially paying attention to what is around them. Taking my 10 month old granddaughter out in the stroller (she is too heavy to carry for long periods – oh how they grow so fast), she allows me to come into her world as I watch her touch (or put in her mouth) everything. Her tiny little hand reaches out at the petals on the branches, touching them so gently (at first) and then of course yanks and pulls. Sorry petal…grandchild alert. But seeing her feel whatever, cautiously at first, then moving her little wrist back and forth while holding the branch…what is she seeing, thinking, wondering? The world at her finger tips.

So I look out as the rain falls and watch the trail of raindrops take a path downward upon my window. It meanders along, not taking a straight path (are my windows dirty?) but shifts and swerves, stopping for a bit, pooling itself with the other drops. And then it bounces. Yes, I am glad to be inside. I have to laugh at my dog Maggie May because as I opened the door earlier on, rain pouring down, she barely took a step and started to shake her body. Oh she does not like the rain. She pauses, turns her head to look at me, and then scampers down. Quickest pee break. Not funny I think she is saying to me as she bolts back in. Her morning constitution was certainly interrupted. Usually she takes a longer time, sniffing every other blade of grass it seems…not today.

I do love the sound of rain. It is like white noise, a kind of background music, that has a calming effect on the soul especially when I can cozy up in a blanket, nice and dry. Rain dripping down is lyrical and soothing, beating its own melody. Of course it can come in, pounding like a drum too…not so nice. But most of the time, it can soothe the weary soul, allowing the ear to be drawn into the melodic chords strumming down. I can close my eyes and just listen to what is around me. Just like music, rain has its own tune and I try to find my favourite channel (not heavy metal or twangy please) as I welcome the moment to pause. I have often wondered what it would be like to get a tin roof. Would it be really noisy, annoyingly so, or would it be a soothing din that puts you into a slumberous mood?

But more often than not, rain can make the day seem long, really long. Maybe that is a good thing. Slowing down a bit. Or not.

Of course I think Mother Nature likes to play tricks and has a great sense of humour when it comes to messing with human behaviour. You know it is going to rain when you have clothes hanging out on the clothes line, mowing the grass, having an outdoor barbeque, just got your hair done, looking for your keys to unlock your car, . But its just rain. Right? Right.

So for today, get the rain coat out, find the umbrella if needed, go outside and enjoy the gift of rain. Soak it in. Rain gives life. It may be a bit wet, or drenching, but like anything it does not last (or at least not long lasting). Or if not, stay inside and enjoy the gift of pause, spending time with self or with others, allowing the rain to do its thing while I, and you, do own thing.

A shower of blessings today.

Let us pray for those in need.

Published by karenpnd

Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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