Hot Hot Hot…it’s not cool

Morning dawn

Why not? Take my mind off of things right now…let me talk about the weather. Always a go-to topic of conversation. When someone says hot, hot, hot…that is today again and it’s not cool literally or metaphorically speaking. Not complaining. Nope. But I do want to say just for the record, a slight breeze OF ANY KIND would be soooo good. Maybe from the north…you know the kind that has a bit of a bite to it. I guess I am not made for ‘equator’ type weather. Although, I should not say that too loudly because I have been watching the news where other provinces are getting record breaking heat waves. I do not mind the heat as long as the mugginess stays out of the equation. You cannot get away from that sweaty sticky feeling when heat is combined with humidity. Everything just feels like wet glue.

It is amazing how the body responds to extreme heat temperatures and water. My youngest daughter convinced me to get a pool. Not a big one mind you, just a little puddle jumper kind of rubberized pool… you know those blue ones that look like a blue splotch on the ground when looking down from above; smaller in diameter on the top while bulging out at the bottom from the water sitting in its body. Anyway feeling the heat, I put my feet in the water, not the blue pool, but my grand-daughters princess ankle pool. Ahhhh. How do you spell relief…W-A-T-E-R. The body is an amazing temperature regulator.

Heat. I just notice it more now as I have the grandkids over with me. Of course my daughter’s two cats and my dog are sprawled out on the floor so that too is a reminder. Tongue hanging and little water troughs spread out in and around the house which of course they leave little sprays of water droplets splattered along the floor by each water hole. Worse than the kids. Personally, I do not care for air conditioning, not in my home, not in my truck, not in the malls and not in doctor’s offices. I sound like Dr. Suess and Sam I am in Green Eggs and Ham…”I do like them in a house, I do not like them with a mouse, I do not like them”….Can you get sick from air conditioning? Not sure of the answers but I feel it is hard on my body when you go from one extreme temp to another. But it is so not about me and so….

….off I go and finally spring for curtains. They are kind of like black out type curtains. Who would have thought. They are supposed to be keep things cool in summer, warm in winter. We shall see. I have not had curtains on my windows since I moved in. Nestled in the woods, surrounded by trees, I love the open feeling, airy and free as you look out the windows. I do not like that closed in feeling. But I have to watch the windows because few too many birds have hit them, landing on the deck or ground…some make it while others do not. Maybe curtains will help them.

Anyway, last summer, I discovered that if I put sheets up early in the morning to cover the windows, put the ceiling fans on, it was comfortable. I know. I know. Better Homes and Gardens magazine would not come in to take pictures of the beauty of sheets hanging up…no matching sets. Seriously, I was not going for the bougie-look. Anyway, my daughter convinced me to get proper attire for the windows. O-k-a-y then.

Well they work, amazingly enough and not too shabby looking as well. Curtains can get quite pricey especially if a person wants to do the whole kit and kaboodle in decorating and theme approach. I am not there. And funnily enough, it feels a bit cozy inside, not too stifling and closed off that I thought I would feel. Interesting.

I have looked at getting a heat pump, even did the research. I can barely keep up with the brand names …Fujitsu, Daikan, Mitsubishi, Lennox, York Affinity, Solaris, Boreal Geothermal, Save Green, KCS, and so on. Then there is the heat pump speak, language of their own. I guess it is like when I started looking at generators…maybe one should just pull a name out of a hat. Each brands has pros and cons at the end fo the day. My challenge is that all winter things are closed in, closed up, which is why curtains have been a no go. I do not care for that trapped feeling or being shut in so to speak. But if I get a heat pump, then all year windows could basically be closed all the time. Nah. I mean for the most part, here on the north shore of the island, there are only a few days where temperatures get uncomfortable. I’ll make the curtains and fans work.

So weatherperson, it is okay to give us a break. Maggie May, my schnoodle, has not had a fur cut since January and boy she does suffer. I would prefer her to keep her tongue in her mouth instead of hanging, sharing her bad breath too. I cannot wait until next week when she gets her fur cut…a day at the dog spa. Just kidding. But fur cut…cannot wait!! More importantly, for the young and old people who do suffer greatly from the heat, reprieve would be quite helpful for them.

Blessings to all kinds of weather.

Let us pray for those in need this day.

And a special intention for my mom as she journeys with dementia and being cared for.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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