Quirky Things about Me

Best dryer in town

I have to say that I am loving the day once again. It is cool this morning as even my bathroom heater went on automatically. Are you kidding me!!! It is not FALL yet but my goodness the air has a bit of a bite in it. You kind of pay attention to things when you are in self-isolation. Yes once again I am in the 14 day self-isolation. This time the island seems to be much more rigid in its stance of returning. If you leave the bubble for any reason and return, 14 days are gone. But so worth it.

So I am discovering that I tend to have certain things I like to do or like to have when I do whatever. For instance, my sister, bless her heart, just made me some homemade soup. Now I am not a cook, do not profess to be one, but I certainly appreciate the nuances of those who do have the cooking thumb or baking thumb. You know like when they describe a person who has a good handle of plants…green thumb. Well what do we call those who have the ability to make things happen in the kitchen? Hence, cooking or baking thumb. May need to think further on that one.

Anyway her soup is heating up on my stove top and I cannot wait to try it. But here is my first quirky me. I like rounded shaped spoons. Not oval like teaspoons or tablespoon shape spoons you normally get in a set. I like the rounded kind and I ordered them because they are not easy to find. My mom has this one spoon in her kitchen drawer that I like. Of course I am not going to get it as my brother likes it too. Needless to say I have searched for a particular round shaped spoon with a certain kind of weight. I found it on amazon and well…little bit expensive for four spoons but okay. This is as close to the feeling as possible. So click. For me, there is something about the roundedness that makes the soup taste better. Not sure why but there it is.

Then I was sitting at my desk yesterday searching for a pen. Now I realize that the computer or iPad or cell phone seem to have taken over the written paper and pen/pencil technology but when I want to use a pen, I am kind of quirky about it too. I like it black, gel like preferred, with brand like Zebra A-grip or Uni-ball or Pilot gel pens. Not sure why but the grip, flow and movement of the pen allows me to enjoy writing. My penmanship really ‘sucks’ (sorry no other word comes to mind) unlike my mother or two of my daughters, they have lovely penmanship. But print or handwriting, it looks like chicken scratch. Probably a step up from a doctor’s signature but clearly not much better. Funny that.

Anyway I just finished cutting the lawn and wow, I really love the look and smell of fresh cut lawns. I like the lines after a cut, not the back and forth wheel lines, more like the up and down lines left on my lawn. Kind of silly really, but that is a quirk of mine. Maybe its because when I do it the other way, the lawn does not look to be cut. And today, well, the lawn is so dry in most places that it does not really look cut except that the hundreds of little flowered weeds growing, not sure the weed name right now, but they are gone. The lawn mower did not leave its lasting impression on the lawn but ‘que sera sera’.

So as I sit here pondering away, I am looking out my windows with a smile on my face. When I bought this place it did not have any window coverings. And for me I was good with that. I really do not like that trap closed in feeling and where I live, I do not need curtains. But because I do not care for air conditioning (not natural as I told my eldest sister…another story for later), my daughter says to me that we need to cut out the heat coming in through window panes. Well I have to say that she is so right….the heat was managed. These curtains are dual purpose, keep heat out and keep heat in…summer and winter seasonal wear. Gotta love it. And for the most part, with the combination of ceiling and floor fans and having drawn the curtains closed during the heart of the day, bearable. But now, the curtains are spread wide open to let the light shine in. Love it. Oh happy day.

And let me see how the best dryer ever bought….my clothes line. Courtesy of my brother in law. Freshly hung clothes on the line. I have to chuckle because my daughter will say, “Mom, we have a dryer.” And don’t I know it. That is for emergencies. I like the clothes hanging on a line; I like it when I see it at other people’s homes and I love it here. We do not have to throw everything out with the bath water. Do we? Not just saving on electricity but it is good for them. Then I hear in the background. “I do not want bird doo on my clothes.” I know she has a point but I have not noticed on our clothes. But then she says, ” But I like my towels soft and cuddly not a scratch pad.” Funny haha. Quirks of kids now a days.

Oops just noticed that a leaf fell on my deck. What in the world! And it is not green but yellowish. I hope that it fell because of it being too dry. Oh my. Raking leaves…no no no. Too soon. Really Mother Nature!? Oh well, blessings.

Let us think of those who are in need of prayers and hope today.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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