Grab the Cozies

Cozy up.

Well I am not saying it is happening where I snore but it is happening in some other parts of the country. You got it. Snow. White flaky puffy flakes coming down and covering the grounds. I remember teaching up in northern Ontario many moons ago and the snow fell in early October. Surprised then and still surprised. Moving to the warmer climes, like PEI, I hope the sea that surrounds us keeps it a bay. For just a bit longer like you know until maybe DECEMBER. Mother Nature did you hear me!?

My dad tells this story about one of his employees saying he was going south for the holiday. Dad was holding a Christmas shingding for his people and casually asked what they were doing over the holiday. This one guy says going south. So expecting, you know, like Florida or some warmer climate place, dad asked where. The guy said, he was going to Bayfield. Now why funny. So if familiar with western Ontario along Lake Huron I always smile at this story. For we all lived in Goderich, this man included. Bayfield is 15 minutes west of Goderich. The man said the weather was warmer down there. And you know what my folks moved to the Bayfield area many years later in retirement and lo and behold the man was right. Goderich must be on a snow or crazy weather belt. Because too many times my folks got caught up in weather in Goderich but a few minutes later, sun and shine, as they got closer to home. Interesting.

Oh well weather is weather, just not white snowy kind of weather. It has been just gorgeous for the most part with a bit of a bite in the air. That is okay. And sunshine, sky blue days…lovely. Snuggly and cozy clothes wrapped around me and off I go to play with my granddaughter.

Anyhoo…..speaking of cozy clothes, I am thinking of my mom right now. A happy sad smile on my face thinking of her and the talent she has shared with all of us in the family over the years. She has been a sewer since I was a baby. She sewed our clothes…you name it…dresses, pants, tops, pjs, shorts. In latter years, she got into sewing crazy looking printed fuzzy kind of pj pants. But for me and my sisters, she would make nighties. I have one on now…a blue one with printed snow figures on it. I wear it regularly. And more so now as she slips away from the world she knew it to be. Sadly, an era of her sewing has come to a close. But ever so thankfully it seems my younger sister will be carrying on tradition in her way.

This blue nightie is love, a wrapping around me. You certainly do not get this quality from the shelf or off the rack. Kind of like the Eddie Bauer end of nightie land. Plenty of years left. You would think I was speaking of a vehicle for heaven sakes. Nah. Just love. I smile as I think of the new song by Taylor Swifts that she sings… Cardigan. I love the nostalgia of the song.

I think we all of have favourite cozies. Especially when you have a long week and just want to kick back, tramp around in something comfortable. And for me that is cozy clothes. Don’t you find autumn to have the perfect weather to get out the sweaters and jackets, maybe even a hoodie. Put it on and feel oh so warm, while breathing in the crisp air, but still okay weather to enjoy yourself without freezing. Not feeling like a weighted blanket that you are carrying on your back. And in the backdrop of the outdoors, the fall colours are just a brimming with vibrancy against whatever you are wearing.

My cozy jacket for outdoors is my red and black plaid one. You know the hunting kind of look or bush jacket, I call it. I think I have about three, two more light weight, Marks style and then a bigger one. I almost curl myself into my one particular bush jacket as I go outside. It is a go to, never fail, outdoor wear of cozy. Yep.

I have to laugh because two years ago I was walking along the cliff, new to the walk actually, during the fall months. Well hunting season must have arrived because bang bang I hear shots just over next to the woods across the farmer’s field. But WAY to close for my liking. And I am in clear view with my red/black bush jacket. Lets just say the coziness lost its appeal as Maggie May and I high tailed it out of target range. I was not supper!! Hehehe.

Along with my nightie affair, I top it off with reading socks. Have you ever worn them? Chapters or Indigo or Coles, whatever you want to call the store, has these great reading socks. I love them. They are colourful double knitted or doubled fuzzy material made like a long tube, usually with some kind of bobble to accent it. But when you put them on, feet and calves are in heaven. Sometimes the floor can get drafty a bit but when you put on these socks…cozy is what cozy does…snug as a bug in a rug kind of homey warm feeling.

So white stuff, do your thing. Just not close to this home. Just saying. Oops probably said it too loudly. Blessings.

Let us think of those in need of our prayers this day.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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