Early Morning Riser

It’s quite early yet as I looked out the window at the pitch dark with only a hint of light beyond the horizon of the trees behind my place. Suppose to be 1’C today!! Hmmmm….mild for this time of year. Don’t you just love the silence of the morning. Winter has its own special brand of silence. The blanket of snow, sound-proofing the life hidden underneath, muffling man and nature all around. Not the echoing of the waves from the nearby shore, nor lobster boat motors running err -err-err sound from the valley below, nor chirp chirping of the multitude of birds living around, nor power saw revving from my neighbour (he is in the wood cutting business); no just a silence quiet and calm. Oops. Maybe the branches swinging and hitting one another as I do hear a slight wind howl. Oh yes and I do hear some vehicle starting its engine somewhere nearby.

I am an early riser, love to begin my day at the crack of dawn. It is in these times where being wide-eyed and bushy tailed (a favourite saying of my dad’s…one of many I might add) does not need to happen. And I am not a ‘go to the kitchen and press the button for the coffee blend aroma maker’ kind of girl to pick me up nor do I take long to do whatever. When I look in the mirror, what you see is what you get. No, I just get up, do my morning constitution and off I go. Not that I was ever a big fussy person to begin with but washroom routines has been shortened even more so since going to Kenya many moons ago. The appreciation of a simpler lifestyle, not needing too much, and certainly not wasting good water for example on brushing teeth, long showers, or tap water (no need to get it cold). No fuss no muss.

Now my dad mind you, yes my dad, he takes a long long time. Dad are you kidding me? Gotta get those whiskers off, gotta wash my face…I am not sure all that he does but I have to pop into the washroom quickly before the pipes burst if you know what I’m saying. Giddy up dad for goodness sake. But the funny part is, each person has their own morning routine. Me, I do not want to miss the morning dew or sunrise, or in this case, seeing if I need the shovel the deck so Maggie May my dog, does not have a bit of a bird because her little legs cannot get through the snow on the deck or further out. Not really a fan for the little yellow spots left on the deck Maggie May. Just letting yah know. Not that I eat the snow like the good old days mind you but my grandkids might. Did I teach them that yet?

Well I have four days left to go I hope of my self-isolation. Yeah me! Cannot wait until Saturday (or Sunday). Last time I was let out (it feels like that) the day before the two weeks of quarantine back in September. Music to my ears. My truck is facing forward in the drive, has not moved because you never know who is looking. FYI: The island is really good thankfully about containing the virus, informing the residence and islanders following protocols for the most part. Each new case as I understand, I think we may have 2-3 cases right now, seems to mostly come from those flying in from somewhere else. Let us pray things get better for all of us.

Yes I am going to be ‘free’ soon. Woohoo. When you are used to doing something and it is taken away, you kind of miss it. I take a walk down my lane and Maggie May is right beside me ready to go further. Nope have to turn around. If there is one thing I really enjoy doing, it is going for long walks especially near water or in nature. But to pass the time away until I can, I have been out in the woods behind me and carving out (pulling strewn branches from the ground, prickly limbs at eye level, and branches that have died) a walking path for my grandkids. I want to give them experiences of the beauty of nature. I have taught my 16 month old granddaughter to hug a tree. It might sound silly but when you wrap your arms around a tree, they feel solid and strong, makes me feel a strength going through me. And she is getting to know nature up close and personal.

But also being up in the early morning, it is a time for me. Just me. And God too. Always present, thankfully. Dawn’s gift is kinda of like a tip toeing in the quiet, awakening to the nuances of the day. Time for reflection, meditation even, a prayerful moment given to the heart, mind and body as I greet the day. Of course one’s mind can go acrobatic… got to to this and that, up and down, back and forth, tizzy kind of action. Especially if you have had a tossing and turning night of little sleep because of A B C or Z. On the other hand, more kindly to one’s soul, it is an invitation to hopefully, carefully, gently allow the mind and heart to do that slow dance to open the day. Ahhhh. Yep that sounds about right.

I mean really the early morning is a perfect time to give the day ahead some clarity. And naturally to spend quality time with my dog. Not that she needs more of my attention; she is attached at the hip literally. Where I sit or lay or walk….she is right there. Interesting the devotion of a dog. That is for another day. LOL. But to give time for me, allowing me to find me, talk to me, be with me…not anyone else. Yes, I know that many have a significant other who may come into the space or not…I smile when I think of each of my daughters….they certainly come at the morning differently. Or if they even see the morning…yes youngest I am talking about you. The other two, one more of a morning person (not real early morning mind you) and the other forced to do, lovingly and gladly, as any new mom will be up EARLY. Both have younguns…need I say more. No rest for the wicked.

Now I am not going to ignore that early morning and staying in bed thing, not moving a muscle is quite appealing too. It can be quite healing and healthy, being still, looking around, paying attention to the details surrounding you. Allowing the thoughts to come rushing in, knowing that you are safe and nestled amongst the warmth of the blankets. Ah yes, that is a good feeling too. I think of my youngest sister who will text me early in morning and let me know…I’m off today, in my jammies, and NOT getting out for a bit. Or longer. I smile to myself. Yep that works too.

I guess for me it is up and at ’em. So rise and shine, start the day, however and whenever….blessings.

Let us pray for those who are in need of prayers and being held so gently.

Published by karenpnd

Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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