Airing out my…

At the wharf, traps pile high

Hahaha. I love it this morning. I am hanging out my laundry on the clothes line. Woohoo. Best dryer ever!! Chuckling to myself as I think of that old lecture learned over many years from my parents (not specifically those words but close to it) not air out your dirty laundry. Well lots to air out here today…pants, tops, underthings (oops), towels…but certainly not dirty. Oh my I really hope the sun is not so intense that it makes the towels stiff. LOL

But peaking over the laundry as I pin them up on the line, I see the sun coming up over the trees, clear blue sky and a jet plane flying overhead leaving its puffy white exhaust in its wake. It feels like a normal typical spring day. Honestly I have not seen a plane in the air for a while. Is there a bit of calm and activity returning? For sure down by the dock, there are stacks of lobster traps piled high next to the moored lobster boats ready and waiting. You can feel the anticipation in the movement on the wharf. Very soon they will be launching.

Well the week has been filled with all kinds of goings on. I have been singing the children’s song Mr Sun , Sun, Mr Golden Sun Please come out and play with my granddaughter. She is learning so many words….it is wonderful. The weather has been cool, cloudy, overcast, and foggy. Damp kind of days. I know it is April but does it have to live up to its reputation. Here my youngest daughter sits outside as we video chat sharing great weather with me back in Ontario. She says do you want to know what the temperature is? NO. No I do not want to know thank you very much. So today I am embracing the sun, cool still…but woohoo. I like the sun. Not a sun worshipper but I like the cheeriness of it.

Maybe that is why sunflowers have been on my mind lately. I think I am going to pretend I know what I am doing and going to grow sunflowers (and other fun flowers). Not a green thumber, more like a brown thumber, but that is not going to stop me. And thankfully my grandkids are my cheerleaders. However, first of all I need to make a garden; that would be a good start. Hahaha. I just learned somewhere on the island is a large farm that grows fields of sunflowers. Need to find it and maybe stand in it. Is that weird? In the mean time, I am watching my yard, looking at where the sun shines as I understand that the sunflower needs direct sunlight. I find it fascinating how the sunflower moves its face towards the sun. Reminds me of my grandchildren’s smiling faces. Beautiful.

Surprisingly I am getting into this growing of things. Or at least making an effort. Like my lawn for instance. Raking the leaves this week between rain drops and fog, it felt good to give it a clean and shine. Then, yesterday, I got it rolled! Holy lightning. Boy does it look different. I guess it needed it. For goodness sake, now maybe I won’t trip over my feet while playing badminton. That dip or two in the ground trips me every time. Thought it was my clumsy feet. Well it was but maybe now I won’t feel I’ll take a nose dive if reaching for the birdie. Watch out now my grandson. Hahaha.

This whole spring season is just wonderful. I feel like a live wire, full of energy, coming through me. Maybe it is the snow gone or the red dirt fields ready for planting or tractors hogging the roads as they go from one field to another (patience is a virtue) or the horrible permafrost ruined sections of the roads across the island, but it is spring. Yippee. I’ll take them all. I just took down the 100′ snow barrier my brother in law put up in late fall. It felt sooooo good. Done like dinner.

Babysitting my second oldest grandchild, she wants to be outside all the time now. And what did I notice….there are buds on some of the bushes. How do I know that? Well little one does not realize that I do not bend like she does nor am I short? So whack and whop as the bared branches take a swipe at me as we go through the bush. She does not go around but right through heavy brush because her mind is made up. Yeah me. So while I navigate the face plants of whipped branches, I see miracles before my eyes, literally. Mother Nature are you serious! Don’t tease. It has not been the greatest of weather, but well life grows and pushes through despite all the barriers coming through. So there is a budding on the tips of many bushes and trees. Lovely. Spring has sprung.

But really just enjoying life today. There is so much to be happy about even if I saw a mouse wrapped in a tarp in the outdoor play chest as I was digging out toys for outside use. Thought I imagined it but no. I picked up the tarp, shook it out, and the little fat furry rodent, made a bee line out into the bush. Ewww. It is not my favourite. Don’t say cute. Please. Anyway I am enjoying walking on the grass and wearing shoes. Yes shoes. And I even enjoy washing Maggie Mays dirty paws that she is getting from our long walks. Of course she knows which path to go on….mud. Yep. Can’t walk like me, on the tufts of grass, jumping between patches of mud and grass. Nope. But hey cannot have it all.

So spring, airing out me….my cobwebs and wobbly knees. Letting me flap and flop as I begin once again to experience the longer walks, brisk and lighter. Letting the delight of the rain and sun, blue skies and wind, rocky shores and crazy waves, red dirt and broken roads, hope of new life coming in. But for goodness sake, please remind me to put kleenex in my pockets….not a friend of nose dripping when walking. Blessings.

Let us pray for those who are in need of our prayers and for those who are in lockdown once again.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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