Finding the Unexpected Joys

Don’t you find that there are all kinds of unexpected joys that come into your life? One’s that catch you off guard, make you pause, create a pitter patter on the old heart strings and even make you tear up. Oh those are the best ones by far. Yesterday my sister and I were texting and she said she had a lovely visit with the new newlyweds, her youngest son and his new wife, over the weekend. I asked about her oldest son, my nephew, and how he was doing. Life has a way of grabbing you and pulling at the old ticker. She lets me know that at that moment he was in Ontario, surprising my mom (grandmother of him) with a visit at the home, And soon my dad would be coming in too. No one knew. So surprise would be a mild word.

So one has to know my dad. Routine. Routine. And yes routine. My dad’s weekly routine is to see mom three times a week in the morning. He comes in just after 9, , goes to trailer to get the covid test, masks up and then goes in to pick mom up at breakfast room and then spend morning with her. Well dad did not find her. Not a good sign. So apparently had an anxious look. I just bet. You do not change an 87 year old’s habits and routines. I guess dad was looking around, asking, and of course being my nephew and my dad’s grandson, he played a bit of a trick on dad calling out his given name…Clyde. Yep. My dad has always been a jokester of sorts. Lets just say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Anyway, Dad looked at the person calling his name, a tall bearded man (masked man even) pushing his wife and chatting with her. It did not compute.

You know when you look at someone for the first time after a very long time of absence and cannot accept what they see before them. Well, Dad could not wrap his head around his grandson being there. I do not think they have seen each other for 3 years or so since my nephew and family moved out east and then covid-19 hit. So this large man pushing his wife in her wheelchair was not to be had. Needless to say it was an emotional moment for mom and dad. My mom recognized my nephew too. She did!! Oh my heart. I teared up when my sister texted me the story. Best present ever especially knowing it is mom’s birthday on Friday!! Oh happy day. I feel like singing Happy by Pharrell William.

But more importantly unbeknownst to my nephew, my dad is going to three doctor meetings tomorrow. Dad in his life has basically had enough of his health failing. His kidneys are in bad shape and very few alternatives left to him. It hurts to hear that dad does not want anything more. He has had enough. To find joy in hearing him say that about not doing this anymore, you choke inside as you support the will of a man who has lived well. What will happen tomorrow, not sure. But for now, the unexpected visit by his grandson would be the most precious gift to him. Could not ask for a better unexpected moment.

So yes, the joys of the unexpected. Friends do that to you know. Its funny how you are thinking of a particular person and voila, a call or text or email. No mail though. Hmmmmm. Good friends of my family who we have known for 28 plus years have rented a cottage down the road from my place. Well colour me surprised as I forgot they were coming or maybe not forgot as much as been too preoccupied with babysitting my grandkids. LOL. The summer is getting away from me. Grrrrr. Already close to the end of July. WHERE DID THE TIME GO!! Oh yes, life happens to you while busy making other plans.

So a text came from my good friend saying we will be coming in late Sunday evening….where is the nearest grocery and liquor store?? Hahaha. LOL. Well if one knows the island on a Sunday, things like the sidewalk roll up early for most of the island unless you are staying in and around the only island city. Needless to say food and choice of beverage may not have been achieved. Yikes! Yep a little too late.

But they dropped in yesterday afternoon and man it was so great to see them. You know the kind of friends where you just pick up. Time does not change a thing as you engage in chatting and catching up and hugging. Yes hugging. Sorry covid-19 you had your turn now it is just…go away. LOL. It is a short time, only a week, so snatching a few hours together is wonderful. Breaking bread even more so. Grateful for the unexpected.

Now I’m not sure what to expect but it will be joyful this coming weekend. For the last couple of months, my middle grandchild has engaged in a deep conversation about her pink birthday party. Yes siree bob….PINK PARTY. And all who attend have to wear pink as she turns the BIG 3. As an aside, three years ago an unexpected joy took place as she was born on the same day as her great grandmother, my mom. She has not met her as yet but hopefully one day. Anyway, it is such a delight to listen to her talk about pink; the only criteria for her party. Yep. When you ask her what she wants, she says pink. Pink what?? Heaven only knows. Do you know how hard it is to think of pink party items?

Pink lemonade. Yes. Pink plates and napkins and cutlery. Yes. Pink balloons and streamers. Yes. Pink dress. Absolutely a must. LOL. Pink icing on cake and cupcakes. Yes. But pink entree. Nope. Hotdogs or sausages. Are they close to pink? Good enough. Now me…pink is NOT my colour. But you do what you do for the loves of your life. So pink dress it is my little grandchild.

And right now this very morning on my walk as the sun rose and the breeze came off the sea, I found… relief. Can I get excited about saying that I can spell relief? H-E-A-t. The heat is palatable today. Haha. I can honestly say that sweat was not dripping down my brow. And Maggie May with her new dog cut, she was barely panting. Joy. Joy. Joy. Unexpected joy. I am trying not to say it too loudly as I might even be able to turn the fans off. Open the curtains during the day Can it be true? Aaaahhhh. Find the joy in the unexpected.

Am I reaching the bottom of the barrel in finding joy unexpectedly in the price of gas going below $2.00. Nope. You got to find joy wherever as they are unexpected blessings.

Let us pray for those in need and for those unexpected joys wanted and even needed. Amen

Published by karenpnd

Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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