You have to love nature

Walking with nature abounding all around.

Nature at its best. I really enjoy living out in the country and never more aware of all the reasons I said yes to moving here than this morning. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping away while the sun’s rays breath life into my room, what a way to greet the day! It’s not like did not notice nature and its beauty in the city for you find beauty everywhere if you just look for it. But when it comes to nature in its wild undisciplined rural fashion, with no rhyme nor reason in its movement…it just comes out breathtaking. And that is probably why I hesitate about working on creating a garden…I like the au naturale…how nature puts things together, haphazard chaotic beautiful.

And today there seemed to be a buzzing of busyness with animals, high in the sky and low on the ground. I saw five red foxes today on my travels as Maggie May and I headed up along the cliff and passed the woodlot. Three baby cubs or pups, I think they are called, poked their head out around a fallen log…cute little things. But with Maggie May, I do not trust her. She has no sense of preservation…AT ALL. Go big or go home. Anyway, I walked quickly passed them but they were smart as they took a look at us and immediately scampered up the hill back in the woods. They can stay cute at a distance. Of course mama fox was nearby. I did not see her right away as she sat real still, waiting. Not sure what she would do but not waiting around to find out. Clip the leash on Maggie and hasta la vista foxy mama.

Did I not get up the dirt road along the cliff and there in front of me was another fox with a mouth full of…eeww…I think dinner. Maybe mice. Just saw little legs hanging out of its mouth. Yummy…well, each to their own. I think we caught her by surprise. Took off like lightning. Although, It should not be so surprising to see so many foxes considering that the island’s history of harvesting red fox for their furs (not something I like to think about or support) was quite lucrative back in the day (early 1900’s). But thankfully (as far as I am aware of) they just roam the island freely now. In fact they are quite sassy in their sauntering, here there and everywhere, rural or urban, the island is their home.

Maggie May and I continue our jaunt and got to the crest of the cliff where we would turn around to head back, and there is a beautiful bald-headed eagle soaring above our heads. Unfortunately, I was initially preoccupied counting the boats out in the water; I counted 29 boats (well they look more like large dots). That is the most that I have seen at one time. Sorry lobsters. Anyway a sound of whoosh or something like that overhead and I looked up…wow! Just wow! I could almost touch the eagle – crisp white head on a deep black coat covering its wings; I could almost see its eyes. I think of the movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds The Proposal…you know where the little white dog and the eagle (I think) tries to swoop down go after the dog. So funny to watch. I immediately got closer to Maggie. No meal for you bird. Haha. Absolutely mighty and true to its grandeur I have to say.

I like to think that I pay attention to what is around me. It is in the details, minute at times, but seeing the gift of nature in all its glory. Gives a lift to the spirit. How does it all work? How does it look so good? Yes, nature can be cruel at times as I think of the little feeties coming out of the foxes mouth. Checks and balances…balance of nature. Yet the purity and the awesomeness of creation…especially in the looking.

Right now I am sitting outside writing my ponderings (a bit chilly with the wind mind you) and I see a bluejay. The vibrant colour of shades of bluey whitish hues of blue…brilliant and sharp. Like how does that happen?!? The colours separated so perfectly on its body from what I can see; give the physical characteristic feature of the blue jay that defines the blue of the jay. Right. Is not that unbelievable!! Then it blows its beauty by attacking the poor little mother robin as she tries to pull a worm out of the earth…are you kidding me! Oh, Mother nature…haphazard, chaotic, beautiful…you continually jostle the moment.

Blessings this day and all of creation. Grateful and thankful that I can enjoy it.

Let us pray for those in need, to the leaders leading us with safety and health in mind, and for gifts of nature that we may be stewards to all.

Published by karenpnd

Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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