Trekking Along the Shore

Cabot Beach Provincial Park

Oh my goodness it is wonderful to travel around, find some hidden treasures. Although I am sure the places I am discovering now have been well travelled by those before me, they are new to me nevertheless. Getting in my youngest daughter’s car the other day, she lets me know we are going on a bit of a road trip to explore. O-kaaaay. What? Where? Her look tells me that it is a need to know basis. Well aren’t we all grown up now!!

This week has been beautiful weather of sun, warmth, and a bit of a bite in the breeze to keep the steady sun’s rays at bay. Just the kind of days I love. The smell of nature and its beauty abound, giving life to the eye of the beholder, we travel down route 20, toward Malpeque, taking in the lushness of nature surrounding each side of the road. That is one thing about the rural landscape of the island, you get all kinds of surprises of the natural flora and fauna blooming wild and free. I cannot believe the colourful and vibrant lupins growing so crazily on the side roads and in the fields, like their seeds were scattered haphazardly. People pay for the seeds to be planted, not here!! Love it.

Anyway get to the harbour of Malpeque and there is one of the first provincial parks that my daughter has set her mind to…visiting the islands gifts and wonders offered through provincial parks. Sign me up. Cabot Beach Provincial Park is our first stop. By the way as an aside, I am quite familiar with the route of getting here because last fall I did a brief stint of one the islands many traditions – mussel socking in Malpeque. And it is right beside Cabot BPP. Let me just say here that socking is hard on the upper body if you are first beginning, especially being older and doing it for the first time. But an appreciation of the labour that goes into one of the older island seafood industries …wow. Anyway back to our trek.

At this point and as a point of interest for me, all provincial parks are open for day use only this year with their 8 camping parks and 13 day use parks; sort of surprises me for the size of the island! So it seems the plan is getting to know our own backyard…staycation. Yippee-do-dah. The entrance’s iron gateway leads us in to a grassy field area where cars are parked in organized randomness near a playground, washroom, and smaller sized lighthouse. Gathering our backpack and camera, we trek down towards the wooden path leading us to a beautiful sandy beach and sky so blue. Too early for supervised swimming, a lonely lifeguard stands tall awaiting for its start. So to the water we go. I cannot begin to describe the colour of the water as the blues and greens seem to jump out.

Man, it’s a gorgeous day day. perfect for a hike stroll walk explore. I should have worn my sandals but shoes and socks are my go-to. You never know what you are going to find. The scenery seems to be divided between open sand dunes and beach to a narrower high cliff sheltered beach area with its character and charm of rock faces. Here I see the waters fairly kid friendly in its shallowness (closer to the cliff side), allowing little ones to go way way way out and it is still up to their knees. The ripples on the floor of the shoreline tell me of the gentleness of the waves recently. Walking with my shoes in hand, it is so peaceful and serene as I dip my toes and stay in the warm cool water…just what the doctor ordered. Living life.

Surprisingly, the lobster and mussel boats were coming in at this time and believe me their channel entrance was quite close to the open beach area, not more than 50 or so metres from the shoreline. You can tell by the colour of the water, where the floor of sea drops. As they come in, I stand and await the wake of the boats. So not disappointed…the waves come in, unbidden, rolling fast and curled, fresh white to sandy laden in their roll to the shore. I raise myself on the tips of my toes, catching the playful waves lapping speedily around my knees…a kid again. Splish splash kick. Thanks my daughter.

Where we go next, not sure? But we are going camping this weekend with grandkids at Twin Shores, family run campground. Bells and whistles. It’s been a long time and my youngest decided, enough was enough. Granted she tells me last evening that we are in for an incredible heatwave of sorts on Friday and then will cool off. Really?! Well why not. It has been a long time since my daughters and I have been to this campground – the last time we went, we had two tents with me and youngest in one, and the two oldest with theirs. Ours got flooded after a big storm. Joys of camping.

It does not matter because we are beside the beach on the north shore and have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets coming soon. Where else would I be? Hidden treasures are certainly going to be on my menu…bon appetit.

Blessings to all.

Let us pray for those who need our prayers today.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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