Life is full of wonder when camping

Camping at Twin Shores…what a life!!

It has been a crazy few days for me. I went camping for the first time in a long long time. I think it must have been about 10 or so years ago, maybe a little bit longer. And surprisingly it was on PEI. Who would have thunk!! Here I am living in all of its splendor now, easy access. Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine that decision. Funny how things happen to you while you are busy making other plans. Don’t you find?

So busy that I forgot to do a bit of pondering. Lots of pondering did go on, but not pen to paper. Welcome back, Karen. So camping. Well what can I say. It was the first for my grandkids and their parents to camp with their dog, Luna. And it was hot. Hot tamales actually. Which led me to take baby girl home to sleep that evening…thankfully we were not too far from home. It would not have been good,

But setting up camp with my youngest daughter, it was like riding a bike. Just followed along in a rhythm of getting stuff out of car, organizing it, and looking over the ground to see best spot. Then get to work. Yes there is work to camping which my girls found out as they got older. One of the perks of adulthood….working at camping. Yep. As a kid, voila…tarp down, pegs in, tent up, cooler on picnic table seat next to camp stove, camp kitchen in bin, dish bowl ready, dry goods and TREATS in trunk, container of water in shade, wood near firepit, clothes line pinned, folding chairs strategically placed with a good view. And towels already hanging on clothes line. Marshmallows for s’mores…can’t forget. Visualize it. Yep…good to go.

Oh so glad to have got a site with shade…we were right across from the dunes leading down to the water at Twin Shores. (None of the provincial camp parks open, only for day use right now). Tucked away in the trees with an opening to the horizon of sand, tall grass and just beyond…the sea. Oh my. Best ever. I forgot about the joy of camping. Wireless as in no wire. But more important, washroom nearby.

The smell of the sea mixed with a campfire. Hotdogs on the menu tonight. Has to be. Once my middle daughter’s family arrived, a bit of crazy especially with the dog. She is a big big big dog, English mastiff. First time EVER to camp. Anyway once they got settled, off we went to swim. Oh my goodness. How do you spell relief? S-W-I-M in O-C-E-A-N. The water was perfect. Surprisingly few at the beach which is due to COVID-19. I think the islanders are going to experience their island for the first time in a long time; one of the gifts coming out of the COVID-19’s wake. For me that is great but I would imagine not so much for businesses. This particular family run campground has over 700 sites plus I am guessing. Lots of seasonal too. Colour me happy….the beach is perfect for playing, sunning and long walks seeing the sunset.

Shaking the water out, walking over the burning sand…hot, hot, hot. Refreshed, got back to camp which was a hop skip and a jump. Perfect. Now for the fun part…supper, campfire and settling in to the joys of front row seats to camping. Unfortunately, me and little baby girl had to leave as it was too close to bed time and too hot. As it turned out, she did not have a good night as it was almost too hot to sleep. No air conditioning at my place as I do not really care for it. So fans. Finally got to sleep at 9:00 pm, usually just after 6 pm. Lots of singing, rocking, patting bottom…finally silently breathing in and out. Sorry baby girl. And back at the camp. Well lets just say no sleep for the wicked either. Luna, the big dog, was more a lunatic (poor girl) as she gruffly barked over and over again to the noises of the outdoors…you know the kind of jolting out of the REM sleep. Not good. And it got cooler by 15 degrees. Well not happy campers when I arrived the next morning.

Change of plans from family of 6 + dog, to my two daughters camping the next evening by themselves. I’m thinking they were kicking their heels up but not sure. For me I went back home later on that day with baby girl as it was too cold for her (according to mommy). Daddy and Luna went back home in late morning after breakfast. My grandson did not care for it either. Not everyone is cut out for camping. I think he would love glamping mind you. Have to think about that.

On the third day, Father’s Day – happy Father’s Day to all dads, grandpas, uncles, brothers, guardians – it was just me, my youngest and my little yippee dog Maggie May. Camping is not for the faint of heart, you have to enjoy sitting around in the outdoors with bugs dirt sand wind sun et al. It was so restful as the day was warm once again, not hot, but warm. How does the weather go from hot hot to cold to back to warm? Like life, it’s crazy. Cannot keep up, just go with the flow. Sated with the sun’s rays, we went for a walk. Oh my, trekking along the sandy and rocky bits of shore with high red cliffs on the one side and gentle waves coming in on the other, life is good.

Getting back there is nothing like a good sleep in the tent, nap time. Can you believe it! Yes that is part of camping!!! But being a bit older in body, I found that the camp chair was more comfortable and really I did not want to miss the view. Calming, heedy, restful…I loved just taking the day and surroundings in. Oops…I forgot sunscreen. Funny looking arms and legs…farmer’s tan; is that not what’s its called?? No complaining. It’s camping.

Well for my first camping experience…rate it A-. Either I bring a muzzle for Maggie May or I…. did I say that she is yippee? Well she is YIPPEE. Live and learn. Now, back home, oh yeah. That’s right there is the reverse to camping. Unpack, reorganize, load laundry, empty cooler…put things BACK. I remember so many times how when work is to be done after camping for example, how no one seems to be around. “Got to go to washroom” most famous line. Good times. Well I have an adult daughter…pay dirt. Partner in crime to do the dirty deeds.

Blessings to the wonder of experiences in life.

Let us pray for those in need.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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