Honest to Goodness

We all need love.

Well, kindness matters. There is a blog site which I signed up for a few months ago called Human Kind: Acts of Kindness. I go on there periodically just to get a kind lift. You know something like a faithlift, not a facelift, or maybe that too because when you smile the face changes. Anyway, today I was taking a boo at it and this one share from a person who posted a video clip from Trending World, the epoch times caught me.

I tell you love and kindness matter. Just a simple act can make your heart leap joyfully as you receive (or give) kindness. It does not take much but boy it can and feel heroic to another. May even domino to the next person. Human beings can have incredibly compassionate hearts and for some reason cross paths are made and in that moment in that instant….woohoo. It may not seem like a big deal but it is to the receiver. Life changing. I am sure we can think of all kinds of examples in own life. A touch, a chat, a look, a smile, a lending hand, a push up the hill, an open door, an arm to carry, a wave, a rescue, a stop to help, a pay it forward, an unexpected moment…the list can go on and on…of a kindness. Someone cares for me, you.

So today I saw a video clip where you hear a man in the background speaking to different children ( primary or junior age). It was noted that these children came from low income families, not that it should matter as I do not think that should be an indicator of kindness. Regardless, it is a warm fuzzy for me. The message brought tears to my eyes as these little people share what they would like special for Christmas. And then he asks them what their mom or dad would like to have. Lots of ideas. I guess there must have been space between interviewing the children because the next time, the children are presented with a wrapped gift of what they wanted…xbox, lego, computer, big trophy case and big barbie house. Oh how times have changed. Sigh. Then, he also gave them a gift that would be for the parent which them mentioned earlier…ring, watch, TV, jewellery etc. The kids held the gifts in their hands, big smiles on their face. Until….he said they had to choose what they want to keep. The reactions and looks were priceless like “are you kidding me? kind of looks.” I chuckled. That would be painful. So precious.

But bless their hearts…each one of them that was shown on the video clip picked their parent. And the words the little loves used to articulate the why…goodness and kindness beautifully spoken. Straight to the heart of the matter. “Sacrifice, deserve, my family, not going to get anything for Christmas.” Children sure can be observant at times. But thankfully, the man indicated they can have both. Well joy to the world. Their reaction was priceless and then asked how did they feel now? Tears. Beautiful tears. And the man got up, opened the door of the room, and the parents of the child interviewed, stood on other side. Of course, tears fell down my face freely.

Kindness. I think I have shared this poem reflection before When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking. It is one I have walked with and continues to ring true in my life again and again. A letter poem that a child wrote to his parent but could be for any adult in their role involving a child. It is the what we do and what we say or the what not we do and what not we say that little (or big) ones see and hear and feel me and you. Delivery to me is everything. So today (yesterday and tomorrow) Kindness matters. It can transform you instantly, like a blink and wink of an eye, from another person’s act of care. I do not think we realize the trail we leave behind when crossing paths with another.

My granddaughter who I take care of has kindness in abundance. She has watched me multiple times here, and in her own home with mom and dad of seeing how things get done. For example, pets being fed. I am grinning because her pet is a brindle mastiff while mine is…not. Schnoodle. Does not matter to her. The other day I found her getting into the pet cupboard at my house, pulling out the treat bag for my dog, and gave her one. And then she went on her day, proceeding to plod along to her play area to do something else. I mean I just gave her a cracker so I guess Maggie should have something too.

Mind you there is another side to my granddaughter as she holds the chewie of my dog in her hand, raising her arm up, so Maggie May cannot get it. Yeah kindness…not so much. And her dog…well little one don’t practice that. But in the next breath, there she goes again as she is eating in her highchair and faithful dog that Maggie May is ( a mooch too), sits and waits patiently at the foot of chair watching every movement of my granddaughter’s hands. When she places her hand over the edge of highchair table, boom swoop got it…toast, fruit, cheese, crackers. I cannot win.

The beautiful thing about kindness as it is not promised. It just is. To share in the act of kindness to another, boy it does not take much. The action is pure of heart or at least I believe that to be the case. Mother Teresa, bless her soul exemplified that “not all of us may not do great things but do small things with great love.”

It changes you as a person when you give yourself over to doing the good. Kindness does not nor should it come with a price tag, a measurement, a hierarchy, a continuum, a weight; it is love. Good old fashion love from the heart. I chuckle when I think of crusty people like Scrooge, where one could say he or she knowing a ‘scrooge’ in their life, would fall over if ever were to be kind. But miracles are everywhere.

And yet, sometimes the needed opportunities to show the face of kindness is ignored which in our human world we often see – homeless, the sick, the lonely, the fragile, the mentally unwell, the forgotten, the poor, the different – the list continues. Life is precious.

Paradoxically, there is that kindness of the heart, where it comes in with over abundance…you’re too kind. Receiver not ready to receive. Those moments are hard to the giver especially during times of loss and pain. The suffering may need the kindness but may not want it. Cannot see or feel it. And it is because all a person wants to do is make things better and feels helpless not being able to help in the hour of need. Its a catch 22.. So what then? Honest to goodness, love and be kind anyway. “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain

Have the best day. Blessings.

Let us pray for those who are in need of kindness today.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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