Critters and Mother Nature…Just Wow!

Surprising fun.

Kowabunga! Can the end of February be any more crazy with weather? Crazy with unexpected guests? Crazy with surprising fun? I thought I was in New Brunswick for a bit over the last few days!! Not in a mean way but when I travel back and forth from PEI to Ontario during the winter and early spring months…I almost have to close my eyes and just hope for the best. The weather can turn on a dime. No wonder my dad would not consider going down home to his parents in NB for Christmas way back when…you cannot trust Mother Nature. But having said that….”Dad, I moved down east to experience it first hand anyway”. And so worth it. Here to stay.

So getting back to weather, this week of ‘turncoat’ weather…sun – rain -sleet – storm – wind – sun – mild – freezing brrrr wind gusts – snow AGAIN – back to sun and blue skies – today overcast bit milder and icy on road. Aaaaahhhhhh. My sister and I just shared a moment together this morning when I texted her, “so how many more days to spring??” Hahaha. 21 days as of today. Last day of February. Does it really mean spring? I mean really, Mother Nature has her own sense of humour and will do whatever whenever wherever she wants because she CAN!! And don’t get me started on thinking of the old adage…. March coming in like a lamb, going out like a lion…not going there today. So I got my shovel ready. Mother Nature…enough already.

Then unexpectedly especially when staycation as an operative word these days, a little treat was in store for me. Four days ago, I was given a wondrous gift from my nephew…he changed the oil on my truck. Okay, good to know. Hold on a sec because while that took place, I was with my granddaughter, sister and me enjoying a little farm menagerie of barn life extravaganza….chickens, goats, sheep, donkeys, and barn pets. The smile on all of our faces….woohoo. And adorable as button photo ops. Those goats can sure ham it up. Billy goat gruff eat your heart out. The miniature donkeys really were soooooo cuddly cute. No, did not cuddle per se but stroked their heads when they would let us.

Cute, “kid”ding

My granddaughter was a bit hesitant at first but then her little legs strutting back and forth between the pens and coop…well no words. Watching her look at the sheep grazing on the hay and she just stood there with her face shiny bright and chattering away. The sheep got an earful. Bless your little heart for making the adults see the joy and delight of Creation. Grinning from ear to ear. Talk about unexpected fun. Oil change and fun at the farm. Who would have thought?!?! Thank you nephew for inviting us into your world at your girl’s family farm.

Mind you the smell could be a bit overwhelming. But do you know what it was not. It brought me back to a childhood memory of my grandpa’s farm in NB where we got to play in his antiquated unneeded barn. Mom had a quiet fit…you know how mom’s are. Good ol’ days. That dank musty smell coming from the forgotten leftover hay, worn wooden slated wagon, and beaten wooden beams high overhead came in like a whiff of spring. Silly huh? No. Take me back to those good old days for just a moment or three.

You never know.

I have always had this strange interest in worn doors, odours and hand touching ‘history’ (maybe need to change that to ‘look but no touch’ for now). This barn was brand new, as of two years ago, so why memory lane….for whatever reason its sight and smell wafted in and stayed with me that morning. I was as wilful as my granddaughter going back and forth, not just following her, but doing my own trekking too. Felt like a bit of a farmer, kicking the hay towards feeding fence with my boot, having fun, watching the playful antics of the animals. No my daughter, she was safe. Geez. Anyway I had to laugh at the sheep because seriously when someone says don’t be a sheep. I get it. They moved as one if they sensed danger. My little granddaughter being dangerous……. and me and my sister. We moved, they did moved…. together…like sheep. Get it. Holy lightning they can move fast. Hahaha.

Beauty and Beast

Then for the last few days, these cheeky beautiful looking and unexpected guests have been teasing my Maggie May. All of a sudden she goes from zero to hundred with a yip-leap-frantic tail wiggle-barking frenzy mode. There before us out in the yard a fox, sitting so prettily in his/her healthy fur coat and pointed black nose, staring in. Beady eyes…sly as a fox. Yep little creature you got that down. Oh my. I mean I have noticed quite a few red foxes out and about lately. Being winter you can catch their paw prints and boy my yard seems to be a draw. What I have not noticed is rabbits prints. So fox + rabbit = life cycle. Eewww. Thank you Biology lesson 101. Well, no wonder they are looking mighty healthy. I guess I should be grateful it is not a skunk (whispering that one) or a coyote.

It is the little things in life that make your day. Which reminds me. Have you ever watched the movie The Birds? Well I did ONCE and once was enough let me tell you. I think it is an old Alfred Hitchcock film. Personally I am not into horror thriller scary kinds of movies and that one has stayed to haunt me for a long time. Why am I mentioning it today? Unquestionably, there seems to be an inordinate amount of birds clambering around the road side, in farmer fields, banded along telephone lines, flying helter skelter in front of my moving truck and squawing high in the trees…. in disturbing droves. Do birds go in droves? Never mind. What I am saying is there seems to be a noticeable clustering of them and it reminds horribly (a phobia from that yucky film…sorry horror movie buffs) of the scene of birds coming down the chimney or lining shoulder to shoulder on telephone line. Then attack. Yeah not a warm fuzzy memory. Eeeeeh Yaaaaah. So beware of the dip and dive. I am not interested in racking up a meal plan for other critters on my truck grill. Just saying.

But unexpectedness, surprises, crazies….all bring life to life. Blessing.

Let us pray for those whom are in need of our prayers and pray for unexpected surprises of fun for them.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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