Joys of Mothers Day

Mothers Day today from family. Love you all. Thank you.

Oh to hear that name called out…mom. I had to laugh at my daughter’s message to me the other day because obviously I do not know my daughters names. She could be one of three. She sent me this blog from a Mental Fitness site posted by a woman who was saying “when your mom mistakenly calls you by your siblings name, its because she loves you.” That is the title. I smiled when I read it. And I will go with that. Good thing I only have three daughters but somehow other names could crop in like my two sisters and my two granddaughters too. Well, for goodness sake they are on my mind. I have not quite put in a male name as yet. But who knows.

In the blog, it is written from the perspective of the person whose name cannot be remembered. LOL. And said person is having a bad day and momma could not remember ‘your own’ name when sharing whatever. Really, mom, forget. Wow!!! Can you not get the names straight? And I am in agreement with the point of view as all of my children are on my mind. All are cared for and loved. I just have to get to the right name and I’m good to go. Give a mom a break here. Anyway, I cannot wait until it happens to y’all.

Moms. Mothers. Mums. Mommy. Mama. Ma. Mamoooskula. Momma. Madre. Maw. I think I have been called by them all, in all kinds of tones and ‘tudes too. Could be other names but this is a PG affair!! Oh to be a mother!! Yes, I signed up for it and not for a moment (or maybe a couple or hundred) did I say, “what in the world”? Yes, those beautiful times when your child has a mind of their own and you think to yourself “I said yes.” WwwwHhhhhAaaaaTtttt was I thinking??? Yep, sure did.

One day is not enough to put aside for a mother. It is HARD work. And for dads. Sorry this is day is not about you. Heehee. No one, I mean no one, in my humble opinion, could know the ins and outs of what being a mother would all entail until you have the most precious bundle of joy before you and begin the trek of motherhood. For it is a trek, long and arduous, full of wonder and splendour, pain and sorrow and all those oopsie and tender moments in between. And for the record, it DOES NOT STOP after 18 or 19 yrs old when they can technically leave the roost mothers, despite what the ‘books’ may say. What books? That is right. What books? Some never leave. No “there’s the door, don’t let it kick you on the way out” way of thinking. Aaaahhhh. LOL.

Can you imagine the latest joyful news this week? A mom delivers, how many babies!?! No way. No comprendez. I am thinking of the unbelievable crazy blessing of a Malian woman who just gave birth to 9 babies, nonuplets (is that a new entry into the dictionary)….oh my Lord!!! Not even going to begin to envisage that journey. Breathe.

I made a slide deck this week for my mom. (FYI: A fancy term for a collection of slides with some kind of content per slide for a specific topic created in presentation format using computer software such as PowerPoint.) Gee my teaching background comes in handy sometimes. Woohoo. Which reminds me. When I had my old Canon camera I would often have the film put into slide format; still got the old slide projector with a box of slides from days of old. I may get that out today. Hmmm.

Well I wanted to reach out to my mom in some way. Being in a nursing home and not seeing her family to touch them or hug them or kiss them or love them face to face, I asked the activity coordinator if I could send a slide show to my mom of her family. Bless her heart, so generous and grateful, yes I can. So, I made this collection of slides which has on each slide, people mom loves. A little bit of text to say hi and wishes with a montage of pics per family. Did not realize the many, mom!! I pray she is given a smile today. Maybe even her chuckle.

Don’t you just love things about your mom (or not). Yes I am thinking my daughters would say quite a few things….”well that’s my mom for you”. What does that even mean, girls? LOL. I know….momma nag. Annoying. Nose wiper. Pushes and pulls. This is all for your own good kind of mom. Yep. But you love me anyway…to the moon and back as I do you. But my mom has this laugh. She got mad at me the other day on our Skype date with my sister and I because I was using my phone to record her laugh. My phone kind of blocked our image on screen when recording so her face went unhappy and stern….mom look, You know that mom look. But hearing her voice and laugh know its the best feeling to hear her. It is like a wrap of love, one I want to keep remembering. I love laughter and to laugh but mom’s laugh just gets me all the way down to my toes.

Right now as I am blogging, my daughters are all on facetime with me. Oh my Lord. Happy dance. To have them all talking to one another and me listening to them This is the best Mother’s Day gift….to see them all, held in a perfect rectangle of beauty. The banter, the love, the sharing their life tidbits of bits of their life. Cannot express my gratitude girls. Thank you.

So being a mother. Thats it. Just celebrating my children. And their children too. Thinking of all the women in the lives of my and your children, touching them in some way, whether they are given a name of surrogate, adopted, aunt, extension, step, friend…whatever and however you phrase the mother of love role….it is a day to honour most graciously and most humbly mothers. And I for one take that role very seriously.

So hats off to all mothers today. You are the adult in the relationship (sometimes), first to listen (vaguely), first to forgive (do I have to), first to understand (not really), first to back down (well if I must), first to respond to help (not again), first to show patience (hahaha), first to love unconditionally….ALWAYS. Put your Superwoman suit away for the day. Know you are a good mother and even greater because you love your teenager(s). Just joking. Blessings today. Happy Mothers Day.

As you put your feet up and relax….

To mom, sorry for ruining your body. Thanks for the womb and board though.

Mom I love you. Even though I will never accept your Friend Request.

Hey mom, we have hired a few people while you relax on Mothers Day….

No one told me I would be coming home in diapers too.

Mom, although I cant fold a fitted sheet, I still turned out right…right?

Hey mom, Im sorry about all the dumb little things I have done, just be thankful you only know half of them.

Mom whats it like to have the greatest daughter in the world…I don’t know, you will have to ask your grandma.

Its not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it. (Dorothy, Golden Girls)





When people tell me I’m turning into my mother I actually take it as a compliment.

Let us pray for those who are in need of prayers and for all the mothers, may they know what special gifts they are.

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