Holey or Holy

Just a beautiful holy day out.

What a beautiful and most breathtaking morning! Holy and sacred. You just want to wrap your arms around the sun to say thank you. Thank you for making the morning so bright and cheery. To stand still and just take it all in. Perfect day for a walk early early this morning and so I just got up and out the door. Well not literally for goodness sake. I really tried to get down to the water early to watch the lobster boats go out from the bay for their days catch. Kind of like being in a traffic jam but on the water. Very polite the way they just kind of fall into place, one after another. I like the way the captains navigate their boats’ path, going close to the lit buoys. Some have their lights on while others seem to just know the way. Could be a manly thing. LOL. Yesterday and today have been so pleasant; not really warm, but enough to feel the hint of warmer times ahead and yet still have a pinch of cool in the breeze. Great for breaking a sweat. And it is a breeze today, gentle and kind to my face. Love love love it.

Because frankly I thought the rain and drizzle would not stop this past week. I mean come on…I sang Mr. Sun song umpteen dozen times or so. Well mainly because the little one, my granddaughter, loves the outdoors. And I would be doing what she wants. Which. I. Did. Yep. Puddle jumping 101. I need to move quicker. It seems my granddaughter knows how to jump as a 21 month old. A bit slow at first moving in the puddles as I do not think she was used to so many puddles before her. But that soon stopped. She had her little meow meow stuffy, cute ragged little grey stuffed kitty, and took it out with her. Well it seems the kitty needed to go into the puddle too. Oh my…priceless to see the expression on her wee little face. I chuckled (behind my shirt thank you very much) as she gasped at the mud spattered paws as she stood up. When she stared down at the paws…..well it broke my heart as her little blue eyes she stared at her kitty. She looked at me as if to say, “Rara!! Wwwhhhaaattt?” Yeah life is rough child.

Going down to the water Maggie May and I always pass this grove of trees and today, suddenly a huge owl sweeps out above our head, followed quickly by a bunch of big crows. How the birds find the holes of spaces through the thick forested area, they dove into the woods. But the owl was beautiful. I have not seen one that close in a long time and looking at its sweeping wing span, listening to the whipping whirring of wings, it was flying fast. Is it a good thing to see an owl? My younger sister who LOVES owls says it is so. We shall see. But the birds, not just crows, but smaller ones also followed the owl. Boy the sound coming out of the forested area….did not sound too promising. A cacophony of natter and chatter. I do not like that feeling of the gathering of large quantity of any kind of birds….I still get shivers from that horrible movie by Alfred Hitchcock The Birds. It may seem tame to my daughters….not to me. But witnessing the owl over head, it really made my day. Another holy moment.

And speaking of holy, I think holey is a better term. I am coming back from my walk and looking down at my feet, in particular my shoes. Holey moley, holes!!! My goodness I may have to put my shoes to rest. I did not realize how much wear and tear they have gone through. I have just got them worn in. Are you kidding me? It takes me back to last year when all things were closed for the most part. And shoe stores included. I had thrown out my old treasured ones in November 2019 as….snow cold winter came to play. Not thinking anything of it I would just get a pair in spring. But much to my and everyone else’s in the world surprise….no go. I ordered on line. Shoes. And they are going to fit??? That is the kind of thing you try on. I am kind of fussy about my runners. But I am not sure if companies were taking advantage of the situation but my usual go to Saucony or Asics were a bit, nope a lot, steep. So I get a brand with a number name (worn out on shoe) and actually loved them. These holey shoes have been good to me.

But I can see the writing on the wall….I take a step and the holes will gather together as I jump rocks or climb the cliff and voila….no duck tape to hold them around my bared sock to get me home. Rip from the strain of my acrobatic jumps or slips on rock. Nope. These babies are for home use only, state of the art yard and garden wear. Unlike my dad who my sister just took a picture of him dressed up in his latest outdoor garb, perfect. The problem is that he gets something in his mind and goes and does it. Why would that be a problem one might ask. Well he usually is wearing his nicer clothes because he does not THINK. Poor mom and what she had to put up with over the years. Dad what are thinking. Old clothes. Geez. And you lectured me on whatever. Sometimes you just want to shake your head.

But today is the day for making holes. No little one around so I am going to plant my sunflowers. Have been talking about it but not doing it. Frost. But now I feel warmth that is a gift. How to plant without her seeing. A little subterfuge. I want to see sunflowers grow, sorry little one. So today will be the day I put little holes in the garden and voila….sunflowers?? My grandson says how about other kinds? What do I say….yes. Okay what goes good with sunflowers. Too many decisions. I think I will go for the wild look because it does not matter what is in there, my grandkids will be satisfied.

So I forgot one precious moment this morning. Lately there has been a pile of drift wood strewn all across the beach area and up on the rocky shoreline where I walk in the morning. Well the sunrise was perfect and the tide is sort of in and the waves are gentle today. So cutting down the dune path to the beach I see an array of drift wood in a line. Kind of odd. But as I got closer a big smile came across my face. Despite the challenging times we are facing, it is fairly business as usual on the island including traditions. And so what did my wandering eyes but appear to see…..PROM? spelled out in driftwood formation. No footprints around it but my own. Someone is going to be smiling( or not). I hope yes is in the cards and wish you all the best. Cute whoever you are. You got this.

Well off to do the deeds of the day. Shovel in hand…hide the seeds. Quick. LOL. Laundry on the line….smells of freshness on my clothes including…wait a minute holey work socks. No wonder I felt more of breeze on my toes this morning on my walk. Hmmmmm. Oh my goodness, look at that. My sister is pulling in the laneway. I guess my sunflowers are going to wait for a bit. Best day ever…see a friendly face, know I am going to have a good chat, and who knows what the day will bring now. But I will say this much. As days go it has been a holey holy day given and blessed.

Let us pray for all those whom are in need of our prayers and see the holey or holy as gifts.

Published by karenpnd

Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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