Can things get any better!

Setting the stage for…..

Oh happy day as the sun comes out. For goodness sake gloomy has been overhanging the island for quite a bit lately so of course I’m singing the children’s song Mr Sun….come out and play. And voila! Thank you so much. There is a cheerfulness about having the sunshine. Maybe not the intensive heat or mugginess but the shiny brightness and light filtering the break of dawn into a full blown burst in sunshine. It lifts the spirits deep within, don’t you find? Naturally the sun would come out at the beginning of the weekday…Monday. Because you know I went camping.

Even in the wind, it is possible to make a fire.

Yes camping!! It was planned a month ago because you have to book in advance, covid 19 and all. And you think, July 1st….well it should be good weather. Yes three days prior to, warm and muggy. But the turning on a dime kind of weather this year, well let me just say no peek a boo for me and the sun. No, it was cloudy with a touch of misty rain sweeping the air and crazy cool wind. Not breeze. No no no. It was blustery blowing wind. And the waves were jumping wild, white capped and fiery as they blew into shore. Did not matter. I love camping. So….

Well it was to be with my daughter and kids, first time for the little one too. Me being me, my voice saying it is all good. Try getting camp set up and running with two happening kids wanting to explore. Haha. Jokes on my daughter and myself. But we did…tarp down, tent up, picnic shelter raised, you know for the “hoping to block out sun” kind of weather. Not necessary. LOL. Anyway once site up and organized, fire time and cooking over the fire. Have you ever tried to start a fire with the off shore wind coming up and over the dunes? Well let me say it does not work so good. And the matches that are supposed to be water proof….well they are not wind proof. LOL. No matter. Got it going and lo and behold…best hotdogs ever. All beef or turkey hotdog….the choice of fare. Yum. Taste delicious. Yes you heard me. Simple camping food…hotdogs, fruit and cut veggies. There is something about camping and eating over the fire….it tastes so much better. Yes my grandson was not too keen on the charcoal look on the hotdog…well my boy it is camping. Not complaining….hahaha. And dessert of smores….calmed the waters.

So healthy.

But alas that evening it got too much with cold and rained swept wind. Not conducive to saying ” camping rocks “. So daughter giving me the mother look, I took them home and in hindsight it was for the best. Not great for the next three days anyway. For me, however, I stayed. Yep. Camper woman here. I love camping and so do all of my daughters. Yet being a mother, you have to do what you have to do. I did not realize how much I missed the simpleness of camping. So I kept all the sleeping bags and blankets, took the air mattress, and made a glamping bed. Good to go. Actually it was fun. I just prayed the guide lines and pegs kept tent in place as I listened to the wind howl. Surprising how the cozy you can get. Of course I tucked my clothes in the sleeping bag so the warmth of me would be ready for morning. Camping wisdom, you know. Wrinkled look is in too. I had fun.

So besides a great time in camping and the sun finally coming out, I got to be a part of a beautiful something last evening. For the last few months I have been preoccupied with the terms love and like. Maybe it is because I am doing on-line dating. I have to say at this point I have met some wonderful men….far away mind you….it seems I tend to be more of friend material. And actually that is okay especially with our the world the way it is. And I love to write as you can tell. Anyway, off track. I have been pondering like and love because my middle daughter is getting married this summer. I will talk more about it in another blog. But suffice to say, I am full of glee and joy and happiness for her and her partner of many years. Woo to the hoo. While thinking of them, two words have popped in my mind….like and love….and what are they all about in relation to relationships. Because for me in my own little realization, you have to have both for a relationship to work. That is what I think. And it is not simple. The complexity of like and love toward another human being. Hmmmm.

And last evening I got to be a part of helping my sister prepare the ambiance for her son proposing to his girlfriend. Watching my sister as she nervously and tearfully got a picnic ready for her son to do one of the biggest and most important things of his life was beautifully moving. He did a bang up job in the planning…romantic thoughtful and hopeful. A birthday of this young woman that she will never forget. Stunning view next to the lighthouse overlooking the red cliffs of PEI’s rugged rocky terrain with water gently touching the rocky shoreline while a picnic blanket lay on the grassy knoll above. Perfect. Of course I did not realize it was a popular lookout when we arrived. We took my truck as the road in to get to the lighthouse reminds me of driving on dirt rock deep crevice road while in the Rift Valley many moons ago.

Blue box – hope inside.

Can things get things get any better!? Oh my heart soars for my nephew and now newly engaged. He blindfolded her as he drove in. His girlfriend did not have a clue except she was celebrating her birthday. Wow! Favourite foods in picnic basket, flowers adorning the table cloth and words of hope on little rocks next to pre-lit candles (battery operated). You nailed young man. So my sister and I got it ready on the grass knoll and waited. Not going to screw up this part. Waited as he drove in. My sister gave him a blue box and then we skedaddled because he had everything including the blue box containing the box with ring (her fav colour) with her favourite dessert on either side of ring box. Breaking bread for such an occasion. In this case, dessert. But the most precious part was that when he asked her as we found out later, she thought he was having fun with her. And had to ask her again. Oh my. Well if you tease, what do you expect!! Love and like once again.

So my sister and I went back to my place as the lighthouse is about 5 minutes away. She had a feeling that she may be called back….photo op. After an hour or so, my nephew called again to say come and take photos. Selfies are not so easy to do when you are trying to get you all in. Once again I witnessed a gift of something extraordinary. Capturing a moment out of time surrounded in a backdrop so wondrous and beauty, a perfect night to propose. Like and love as they held hands. I saw it. I pray for the days and years ahead for the two of them. Yes, nephew you can sleep now. And you as well my sister. And to the newly engaged woman, bless your heart for the tears of joy. Surreal I am sure. It’s all good.

Hopefully my nephew will not mind me sharing a bit of his story. For he gave me a beautiful gift to witness and hold in my heart. And also to share in my sister’s joy and delight. Special moments given to us….you never know where or when they come but funnily they do come in unexpected ways. Can things get any better? Yes but I’m wrapping this one as a keeper in my top five for now. LOL.

Well off to see what other good things I can see goodness and joy. Maybe have a picnic. Now what would I put in to the basket? Blessings this day.

Let us pray for those who are in need of our prayers and for those unexpected delights touching each of our lives.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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