Right in Front of You

One day soon little one, hugging you.

What a beautiful day…four days ago. LOL. Honestly I loved that morning. The sun was out, clouds were fluffy, sky was blue with a slight breeze off the water. The sun touched everything with a smile. Just wanted to wrap in the cheery.

There is so much around us that we miss. It is right in front of us….a laugh, a smile, a jolt to the heart, a wish, a promise, a hope, a present. Yes just take a boo. Is it any wonder that we live in a wondrous place, a world full of all kinds of things to enjoy if we would only see what is before us? Of course there are things behind us too but oh well and I do not have my teacher eyes on anymore. LOL. You know the kind where young people are acting up behind you but you can ‘see’ or they believe you can as you turn around and hone in on the little imps. Oh the many times I can remember in teaching. But then as parents we have that honing or radar device too.

But this morning, I put on a sweatshirt. Cloudy, misty rain feeling in the air, and breeze. Really!! Yes. Today is a bit cool for a July morning. But to be truthful, it kind of feels great putting on a snuggly for a bit. No I do not want the fall to come. But with the weather being quite muggy, overcast and cloudy to boot the last few days, cool rules. So the rain last night, and the beautiful sound of the down pour, how does it all work? Do you ever stop and wonder? Well whatever the case may be, relief. I know that my granddaughter will be getting her boots out to play today….oh yes, puddles red mud splash squish clothes wash dry repeat….sounds like a commercial for Tide. Nah, Arm and Hammer or Purex all the way.

I am privileged to walk with my grandchildren right now, seeing them uncover, discover, explore this world in a way that I do not see like they do. But they make me. And when you are a grandparent, you do anything for them because you can. For the two youngest of my grandkids I do the pretzel kind of moves, sometimes crawling or sitting crossed leg (not as easy holy moly) but not for my oldest. Oh no. Holy lightning he has grown!! Up to my eyebrows I believe. Haha. Who gave him those cereal wheaties or dob of spinach or something?? No. Oh no. He, my taller than crazy grandson, takes me on a whole different plane of the intellectual experience which include being playful. I keep reminding myself that he is only 10 and is tall for his age. Always have to be mindful of that because he needs hugs and love and playfulness too. It is just…well may the force be with me…he is long and my lap does not do the trick. Oh they grow so fast.

Soon a wondrous gift will be coming my way. Another part of my family will be flying in. Trepidation is at the feet of my daughter but she is going to do it. Fly. Because a window, the pandemic in this case, has slowed down enough that the Maritimes has opened its doors. Woohoo. Right before me will be a big hug and love. Yes hug. I said that out loud. Cannot believe it!! It has been awhile since I got to hold her and my grandchild so I am going to relish the moments. I do not know the airport protocols but I will soon enough. And then off to the races.

Taking for granted even the simplest things is noted. I have been toggling between PEI and Ontario for the last few years, making sure I keep connected with my family. We make life choices and there always is a domino effect in those choices. Albeit, moving away you are not able to see who you love as much. Thank the Lord for advanced technology but even more importantly that family wants to be and stay connected. What a learning over the last 18 months or so. It has become very apparent what is important and essential in one’s life. That has been a blessing for I do not presuppose in any way shape or form that a person wants to be in another person’s life. So girls and grandkids, I chose you. LOL. Better watch out.

Right before you….wonder and awe

And yet I am also aware that I have a life too. That is a funny thing to say but not really. It is a personal awareness that I have discovered. I tend to be an island at times. Haha and I live on an island. How apropos. But seriously I know that about myself; Thomas Merton and his hermitage always appealed to me. LOL. So the discovery for me of me wanting to be more social…whoa. New. To.Me. The value of friendships, the people in my life who have walked with me and more recently new friendships that have developed, has taught me a valuable lesson. Because right in front of me is an abundance of joy and laughter and fun and goodness, virtually and face to face. I find myself embracing or awakening in me that I can still be me, hold on to the quiet and reflective, but welcome the intrusion. It must be that down home Maritime influence from my younger years. Nah. I think it is me accepting that I can be fun and worthy. Hahaha. Kind of an aha moment here. Humbling actually. Hmmmmm.

I think the life before you is more important than the life behind you. The past is just that…the past. It is not something a person can change but it is something one can learn from. At this moment, life is right in front of you and you can take it for a ride, a journey. Boy that is deep for a morning pondering. My bad. It is just the realization that our past has helped shape us to be the person we are today. Which reminds me of my favourite poem from May Sarton Now I Become Myself where she talks about a person taking on many faces from different places. So many things can influence us but at the end of the day it is coming to know ourselves just a little bit more and believing in the goodness within. Be a better version of ourselves. Yes I have to believe I can grow a sunflower…be a green thumber. LOL.

So today, right in front of you, is a moment to take and hold. Maybe even wrap around you, feeling more fully alive. I am looking out my screen door and watching the wind swaying the trees as the rain comes down….again. A billowing and rustling sound of the leaves echo and move me to smile as I nestle in more snuggly, listening to rain and wind wrestle the trees. Aaaahhhh. Nice. Love it.

So what is right in front of you today? Blessings.

Let us pray for those whom are in need of prayers and to experience the joys and blessings right before them.

Published by karenpnd

Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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