PE to ON to PE to ON…

“The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things….” (Lewis Carrol’s poem, The Walrus and the Carpenter) of winter – and covid19 – and weather forecast – of kindness – and travel – and vaccines. Why the booster is up for debate – and whether we mask or take on double wings. Returning to Ontario after a month back home, it was a great drive thankfully and arrived safely. Much to the worry lines on my dad’s forehead as I did not tell him when I was returning. He would only worry and I had enough to think about along the way. Sorry dad, can’t have everything you want. (That is another story.)

Actually the drive to PEI in early December was good as well as I left around 7 pm at night from a small bubble Christmas meet with a few special people. I had monitored the forecast daily as December drew near, figuring out what would be the best time to leave. Winter can be unpredictable as all well-travelled people know. Not that I am seasoned traveller to parts unknown but I know the trek from Ontario to PEI like the back of my hand…literally. I have done it enough times over the past 11 years or so after my grandson was born and my middle daughter became, my island daughter. Anyway it was a clear, crisp night and traffic was surprisingly fair to moderate considering I took the 401. I drove straight through arriving on the island the next day around 4:30 pm, 19 hour drive. No stops outside of gas and washroom break. A bit tired on the behind let me tell you but hey safe and sound.

Safe and sound takes on a whole different meaning travelling across country through the different provinces these days. Double masked for me, gloves on, and limited exposure to people. What a holiday!! But that is apropos right now. And until it changes, zip in and out. The only down side of the drive to PEI was that I really got tired around 3 am in the morning as most of the drive was night driving. Not that I mind but the body says what the body says. And let me tell you it was cold pulling over at a rest stop. Thankfully winter coat, blanket, pillow, mitts and hat, locked doors (oh yes washroom break)….good to go. Must have had a 40 minute power nap because I woke up feeling refreshed. Funny that.

I think it is best not to drive along the eastern highway from Riviere de Loup to New Brunswick and then Rte 2 (super duper highway) in New Brunswick. The weather can be so crazy and so unpredictable especially in the winter, early spring or late fall. I have done them all. It is mountainous for quite a bit of the drive until you get to the capital city and head east to Moncton. And never mind the sign with the flashing lights of ‘beware of MOOSE’ along the TransCanada highways. Touch wood, I would not want to run into a moose at ALL but I would really like to see one up close (but not too personal) one day. Just saying.

Anyone travelling these days it is good to find out the provincial protocols as well. NB asks for prior permission to come into province just in case you are stopped. But on the island. Well that is another cup of tea….not the calming kind of tea if you get my drift. Once you are over the bridge it is testing. And then you have to let them know where you are staying and then you have to get a second test on Day 4 or 5. Yep. But all that has changed at this point as the cases have become unprecedented since Covid 19 began.

Yes. One day this too shall pass. Not today and not tomorrow for sure. I noticed when driving along the Ontario highways, the message was clear…get vaccinated. I would say at every 20 km there was a neon road sign that flashed the message “Stay safe, get vaccinated”. I am wondering if covid19 will become part of the repertoire of expected illnesses like the common cold, flu or even pneumonia??

Anyway travelling back at 3:45 am in the morning from the island the day after New Years, where I was only in darkness for a wee bit, the day was perfect for travelling. I had a two day window according the Weather Channel of good weather from PEI to Barrie. Not going to mess with it so arrived that night at 9:30 pm and yes straight through. Thank the Lord for technology and advanced satellite systems. Woohoo. Travelling I try to miss the peak times. Of course in NB, there are not really any peak times driving on the super duper highway 2 (my little name for it) which can be good or bad for weather. Speed limit is 110 km which of course translates to 120 km or so. If you like trees and more trees then that is the route for you. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and honestly the ice on the rocky terrain along the highway is beautiful to look at. And the evergreens ladened with snow takes your breath away. Sight to behold.

Gotta love my truck.

I love getting in my truck and travelling despite the parameters of travel and Covid restrictions. It is funny really how the term Covid and its associated words or phrases have become part and parcel of the language of the day. The dictionary has probably changed over the last two years, adding to the definitions or examples or even the thesaurus. I have not looked but I am guessing that is maybe the case.

Don’t you find that things often work out, despite the worry or fret or days of over thinking. Things work out for a reason. What are the odds my oldest daughter wants to go back to school and she cannot get daycare. So lo and behold I can go. But then my island daughter sells her home and needs a place to stay without uprooting and being in a strange place. And in the meantime, I am fully vaccinated so I can visit my folks and siblings and be closer with my other two daughters too. Things work out.

Someone called me being a “homeless with suitcase mom/sister/daughter” right now. Yes on the one hand that may be true. Not sure what is ahead as life is not ‘normal’ so to speak. But I get to lay my head where a space has been provided for me by the kindness of my oldest daughter and sister/dad as they allow me to ‘crash’ in their respective homes (and Maggie May). Do I miss home and family? Yes. But then again, Mi casa et tu casa.

So for now, I get to be with my youngest granddaughter (oh yes I miss my other two grandchildren, and family/friends) and experience her . However, I could have done without the temper tantrum and noise level of the little one today. Yep. Been there done that, now it is on repeat with the new generation. Sucks to be me. Not in the slightest. LOL. Remember patience is a virtue.

Now (or hopefully if the booster works out for me in Ontario) I get to continue to see and love my mom face to face. Touching her. And giving her a kiss (mask on); and who still knows me, calls me by name once and awhile. Tears here. Or if the restrictions change then I will jump up and down at her window. Hopefully she looks. Hey mom, over here. But also to be a part of my older sister’s life and enjoying her, helping her, supporting her too as it is not easy living with two alpha men, our dad and her hubby. Breathe. Even seeing my brother and family too. Bonus. Oops. Cannot forget my dad too. Yes, being with you, listening to your stories of old again and again and again and…yes again dad. LOL.

And if that is not enough to fill me up, I have been gifted to experience and watch my youngest and oldest daughters’ grow and mature right before my eyes as I had the pleasure for last few years with their island sister. Something that has been unexpected but truly welcomed. All of this happened and is happening on the way from PE to ON to PE to ON. Blessings.

Let us pray for those whom are in need of prayers this day.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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