Okay. It is time to get over the notion of protesting the natural order of things when it comes to the weather or whatever one’s latest peeve. Time to look at things from a different perspective such as the winter doldrums. Why? Because this is Canada, it has four seasons with a repeat, and it is only mid-January!! There is no hidden agenda with Mother Nature and living above the 49th parallel. Four seasons, not skip-a-season ticket available. So unless there is some sort of scientific apocalyptic seasonal happening taking place then, suck-it-up-butter cup; meaning moi ou vous!!

Having noticed that my seasoned bones have developed a sensitivity to the whirr and brr of icy-cold conditions, I need to get a jump start on things that I have no control over. In other words, the mind, heart, body and spirit scream out for a bit of a pick me up. Rejig the jig. So, I think a kick to the heels may be needed. Just need to do a self-check of the possibility of a ‘Betty Downer’ rabbit hole. Oops, sorry to all those named Betty.

I should put things into perspective here as many people do love winter, so this dollop of doldrums in winter is a bit pre-mature. You know what I am talking about. It begins with that little bit of gloom and glum followed by a more noticeable ‘woe is me’, which gradually seeps into the daily monologue or kitchen table chatter. Slowly the whittling away and corrosion of seasons, namely winter, masks the hidden gems of winter’s beauty. Betty Downer meet Positive Polly. Yes, the ears are not deceived and have heard correctly that the beauty and gift of winter is upon us. So what to do what to do? Don’t close the curtains.

Can you hear the solid crunch beneath your feet as you take the garbage and recycling out to end of lane? You bet. No need for a weather report. Although quite frankly the local weatherperson should be expanding his or her winter weather vocabulary beyond sunny, rain, overcast, cloudy, cold or icy in describing the day ahead. Anyway, when you see a clear morning with the sun out (like I did today) shining its glittery rays upon the landscape and you go out for a minute to do whatever, it is not the wearing the ‘slip-on crocs and no sock’ kind of day. The day should be enjoyed, embraced, as the feeling of the warmth of the sun hitting your face while standing in the winter landscape. For me I feel a sense of renewal, an energy source that enlivens my being, picks me right up and wraps me tight. Although I could use some sunglasses.

I did take a wander on google to look up the phrase, pick me up, and a number of interesting but startling words toppled out before me. Phrasing it as ‘pick-me-up’, the thesaurus took on a broad spectrum of thought for me with words such as restorative – shot in the arm – incentive – energizer – motivation – tonic – spark plug – motive – spur – catalyst to words like reviver – stimulus – upper – drug – analeptic. I was not thinking about a substance induced stimulant need kind of pick-me-up but more of an encouraging invigorating cheerful manner of seeking a happy. But me being me, my mind naively did not consider the breadth of the phrase pick-me-up. So it will be whatever will be.

Wouldn’t that be a great question on Family Feud to see what the top 100 people surveyed would say ” What would be considered a pick me up?” Would the survey results look different when adding layers to the question such as winter? Earlier I said don’t close the curtains. I mean that. Let the world in. I do not care for that closed in feeling when there is a tendency to hibernate more often in winter. Windows have to be shut but do the curtains? You know the song, “So, let the sun shine in, face it with a grin, smilers never lose and frowners never win.” Where did that come from? LOL.

Anyway, sitting by my daughter’s window and looking outside, the sun teems in, bringing in glimmer of cheer regardless of the temperature in the air. Its rays bounce and glitter, shining brightly in such a calm and peaceful manner, highlighting the quiet of the snow laden blanket allowing the unspoken story to rest beneath. My daughter does not care for the glare and brightness but me I just move over. Right now back home a storm is unfolding even as I write, putting the island under siege to the elements of winter, wind and snow and blustery cold. What kind of lifting of the spirits could be attached to snowstorm? Well shiver me timbers, cozy in. Best feeling to be wrapped up in the warmth of sweaters, turtle necks and thermal underwear. You bet.

I think it does not really take much to find a ‘pick me up’ even if you only want to get over the hump of something. Life can get too overwhelming, too routine, too busy, too many commitments, too boring, too cold, too hot, too same old same old, too sad, too happy, too….you fill in the blank. Once recognized that the ‘blues’ is in, call CAA. LOL. No, just breathe first. And don’t make the pick-me-up too overwhelming or big for goodness sake as that defeats the purpose. In other words, don’t close the curtains. Blessings.

Let us pray for those who are in need of our prayers today and for those who are in need or could use a wondrous cheer today.

FYI: Small tiny pick-me-ups from one, two, three, others to consider or add own to your list:

Go outside and smell the roses or admire the tall mounds of snow you shovelled.

Shower and clean up.

Cry. Laugh. Smile, Chuckle, Cry again. Laugh again.

Eat a chocolate chip cookie.*

Nap time.

Look at old pictures. New pictures.

Get a hug, give a hug, or elbow.

Enjoy being alone.

Hop in the truck and drive. *

Bake something yummy.

Sunset and sunrises and sit a spell.

Give yourself a gift. Or go out and get a gift for someone who does not expect it.

Watch or listen or read to fav music, movies, books, podcasts, Youtube

Remember its Sunday.

Feeling of a long hot shower.

Watching someone share something they are passionate about…see lights go on in eyes.*

Smell after the rain. Or listening to rain on the roof.

Putting on the comfy clothes after a day of work clothes.

Crashing waves, walking along shore.*

Be the first person to put knife into the peanut butter jar.

Having a dog to pet at a small small social gathering when you do not know anyone.

Finding money in your pocket.

When you look at messages and see a name from a person that makes you smile.*

Extra fries in bottom of your takeout.

Going barefoot on grass or standing in the ocean on a hot muggy day.*

Seeing an elderly couple holding hands.

Having a good pen.*

Text an emoji or gif to a friend or family member.*

Published by karenpnd

Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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