Food Glorious Food

Kelly’s Oreo cake. Delectable

Oliver, you young little lad who wanted more. How dare you want more….porridge or gruel, maybe? Yes, it was out of hunger more than likely instead of the smorgasbord given to many today. BTW – I like porridge. Anyway, I remember the movie Oliver Twist as we did its play version at my elementary school when I was in grade 8. I think I was in the choir, no stand and deliver for me. Oh my, I loved the songs and dancing – Who Will Buy? I’D Do Anything? Where is Love?. Interesting how the brain works. I can see Tommy McFarland (how or why on earth I remember that name!!! He was in my class in grade 8 and had lead role Oliver) walking up slowly from back of our gym to the front, holding out his empty bowl, and lifts it up to that horrible Mr Bumble, and says “please sir I want some more”. He reminded me so much of Mark Lester in the first Oliver Twist with blond hair, blue eyes and raggedy in character costume. Hmmm. It was a really good movie but that scene popped out of my head today.

I realize it is Lenten season where many Christians reveal the “no-go foods” for forty days. Hard so hard. NOT. Okay, maybe a little if you are a foodie of foods and like your specific kind of foods….sweets and carbs or fried and oily. That about covers the lot. Oops I forgot the liquid fare. But do you ever get those cravings where your tongue goes “thuh thuh thuh” with its tip, clicking on rooftop, just behind your front teeth, trying to push and rattle the old brain cells for a specific flavour and taste. Your facial expression do some acrobatic moves as you sift and sniff the aromas and tastes of your previous archived food belt of food fare and then all at once…Eureka!!

Well lately it has been fish and not chicken surprisingly. Anyone who knows me well would find that hilarious for fish or any seafoods are not my friends of daily bread. Maybe it is the Friday or Saturday night traumas of rainbow trout or fresh salmon as the main entree. Dad being a fisherman and thinking what a great meal it would be. Read your kids dad. Fish stick from Highliner all the way. Thanks mom; always looking after me. LOL. Thank the Lord my dad liked to make dollar fries with the fishy fish of fish, let me tell you. The fishy taste is way too strong for my tender plain palette. No thanks. And seafood! Well, here I move to an island where the seafood platter is a main staple for islanders or ‘away’ visitors….not me.

But there are two fish that I really enjoy eating…halibut and haddock with a light batter and not too greasy oily. Smack my lips together and rub my tummy kind of yummy. So where to go? Apparently you do not search in Barrie on a Monday. Snooze you lose. So, Google comes up with Best Fish and Chips and shows Captain George, Fancy’s, Danny’s and The Halibut House. Maybe a few others but those are the top four. Having had them all, I can say for me Captain George you win my vote with your delicious battered halibut and coleslaw and fries (quasi yes). When you put price and taste together, they come out on top. But hey Ontario (sorry), PEI wins my taste buds on fish. Not that I go out much but heaven help me, the few I have had…absolutely my vote. Head to north side of island to Sou’West or Island Stone Pub or Go Fish. Yep. Although my sister said her son went to the one on south side of island, near PEI National Park on Wharf road, Richard’s PEI, and has really good fish and chips and also lobster roll (for the lobster lovers, not me BTW). Road trip when I get back.

As for fries, it is one of my food weaknesses. Thankfully and most gratefully, I am very very particular about my french fries. I do not do fries too much but when I do, I am pernickety. And surprisingly, the fries in Shelbourne ON at the ‘train’ are by far my favourite choice. Homemade, perfectly cooked, golden and wedge ribbed has the flavour of delish. Not even on the island of PEI, where they grow and harvest potatoes of all kinds and types, have I moved my opinion. Close in some like the crispy Costco fries or Da Mamas in Summerside, but not quite. I had no idea that there was so much to know about potato types until my one of two first face to face ‘dates’ from my online dating experience. He owned his own potato farm which was strictly for potato chips and fries. Did you know that you should avoid eating dark coloured fries; stick with golden coloured? Something to do with too much starch and sugar built up when they are dark.

Now the sweet palette which is the Lenten go to for many especially around chocolate. It is funny how things that are not quite good for you, taste or feel great. Temptation. What is good for you? My younger sister including my older sister and brother, all got the cooking and baking gene. Mom missed me. Haha. I am not a big sweet eating person but last year I had a real issue craving chocolate; I could not get enough of it. It was like I became a chocolate addict or fiend. Not only chocolate but desserts. Just a taste. Humph. Well when Oliver Twist wanted more, it was my mantra so to speak. I have no idea why but I just hungered for sweets. It did and does not help when my younger sister would make scrumptious mouth watering desserts and bring out to me. I mean look at the oreo cheese cake she did yesterday for her colleagues and family. Glad I am not at home, sister of mine.

So the little tongue movement click trying to discern what to eat, what do I feel like eating, can get one into trouble. Date squares, chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, bits/bites kitkat/caramel/aero bars, peanut butter marshmallow bar, and lemon crunch cheesecake cups. Ridiculous. Not that I was a pig but I felt like gobbler gourmand. I have to laugh as I think of the loopy cravings of pregnant women. No I am not pregnant. Totally impossible. Geez. But it feels like that at times for the urge within. In all three pregnancies of mine, it was chocolate milk and tuna fish sandwiches only which had to be on soft whole wheat. Um um yum. How is that for crazy! Maybe not. To this day, I like refrigerated tuna with mayo, pickles, pepper, and avocado (a new addition). Hey I guess that is another fish I like. Oops.

Close your mouth Karen. Sunset Grill

Still in all, the cravings come and go. Right now I feel like chicken wings or egg salad sandwich in a lettuce wrap; dry rub pepper and olive oil baked wing after lunch of paprika mayo pepper egg blend, nix the bun, and wrap it in water. It is soooo good. Lunch and supper on the brain. What is on the menu tonight? Breakfast. Cravings aside, breakfast is home. It is like that moment when Jesus on the shore, greeting the disciples coming in from a morning of fishing, with an open invitation to come eat with him (John 21:9-12). Cravings to be filled and fulfilled…with fish and bread. I hope that is not a message for me. To enjoy fish and seafood a bit more. Yikes!! Sorry, Lord.

Food glorious food at the table, breaking bread together, chatting and eating with those you love and find comfort in. PB & J here I come. Hold on Lenten promise. Blessings this day.

Let us pray for those who are in need of our prayers today. And for those who are hungry and need daily bread. Amen

Foodie friend quotes:

The secret ingredient is always cheese.

Don’t go bacon my heart.

First we eat. Then we do everything else.

There is no we in fries.

I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and eat it.

Food is the ingredient that binds us together.

Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food.

Keep your friends close and your food closer.

We are best friends forever except at the dinner table.

Food may be essential for fuel for the body. But good food is fuel for the soul.

Most people eat to live. I live to eat.

I try to avoid things that make me fat…mirrors, photographs and scales.

Donut kill my vibe.

A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

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