Walking With A Spring

Mom’s garden.

Spring in the air. Spring in one’s step. Springing in the rain. It’s a day filled with promise regardless of the gloomy skies and dampness in the raindrops. I can just see Gene Kelly from the movie Singing in the Rain with his umbrella skipping and sliding in his dancing shoes, piping out the lyrics “I’m singing in the rain” while splish splashing in the puddles. I wonder if he really liked doing that scene? Soggy socks. Socked clothes. LOL. Of course he did. So appropriate for the days of April. Right? April showers bring May flowers ( poem by Thomas Tusser in the 1550’s) one of many proverbial type lessons, it seems to be true. For April comes with unpredictable weather swings at times which as I look ahead over the next few days with single digit, maybe a couple with doubles, of upcoming temperatures and rainy day forecasts. I am good with that. Sure, a little burst here or there from me of “rain rain go away” will come out but hey not today. Bring it on.

Don’t you just love the smell of earthy mud and musky deadened grass emanating from the worn out ground after a long and hard winter’s havoc. Weeping endures for the night but joy comes to the morning. Is that not the way things work in life? A silver lining in life comes in after a dark cloud. For amongst the debris of the last vestiges of winter, lies the treasures of new life. Sprigs of sprouts poke out of the soil giving one a hint to the joy coming soon. The joy of springlike flavour with a renewal to rebirth.

Yes, the renewal takes a bit of a turn as one takes the good with the bad. Meaning the dark and gloomy days which could be quite a few, ever blended with that cool nippy air, comes out to the other side with delightful colour and fragrances. So hold on, for this too shall pass. Why? Well, like any Lenten journey, it leads us into the Eastertide where even in the darkest times, the tide of heart and mind rejoices in the Resurrection of the Lord and the resurrection coming back into our life, a rejuvenated refreshed life. Be it within or all that enlivens around us, there is a kick in one’s step.

A couple of days ago while taking a walk down by the waterfront, I could feel the burst within me that spring has sprung. It was not just one sign but many as I took in its many faces surrounding me. Outwardly, in my hat and mitts and layered look, not spring like fashion by any means, there was a beauty and hint in the barren surface before me. For example, the bay was still frozen and the wind coming in was NOT warm. But I smiled as the bay was in danger mode. I am not warped or evil. LOL. No the frozen ice was in transition, better known as black ice. Black ice being the operative two words for ‘you are walking on thin ice’ – literally. Soon to transform into the rippling wavelets, it is a ying to the yang of starting the spring thaw. Cannot wait! Water is the balm. Yeah?

Despite the droppings of Canada geese leavings (not a fan let me tell you) and having to weave in and around them, I can not help but feel an aura of readiness. It is amazing how the architects of creation have such a wondrous vision of sacredness whether by nature or the work of manual hands. As I look around at the gardens and wood-filled flora so lovingly created and positioned by their designers, I am struck by their empty splendour not yet to be witnessed but so vividly imagined.

Yes, there are still remnants from the previous year which marks the wait time. But that is okay. It is enjoying the beginnings, watching Mother Earth, prepare to dress up in her finery of silken hued lace, fragile and yet, solidly sound. So taking a walk with a good friend, enjoying the camaraderie, I want to nurture the gift of wearing running shoes. LOL. Nah. I want to welcome the bestowal freely given to delight and bask in nature’s handiwork while getting a work out. Let’s face it, unless you are a snow hare on the slopes or a speed skater of swoosh, a work out is necessary come April. Fitbit do your thing. LOL. I do not have one but sweat and achy body tell me what I need to know. Get. Out. Side. And. Walk.

Have you ever looked at the bared trees and bushes recently? I did. They have their own unique character and pleasingness about them, don’t they? The limbs and branches have no rhyme or reason of positioning for the most part, but each in their own way take your breath away with their perfection. Lord that is crazy amazing. Each limb holds life. And very soon that same limb with its family of limbs and branches together, will be burgeoning in its glory; taking up more space too. If you like nature walking in forested areas, you might want to get some good walks in before the hazards of full bloomed woods and forests can be hazardous to your health – like falling on knees from hidden roots, thistles or hidden poky branches catching clothes or the whipped branch on the face. Love it my grandchildren.

Spring…walk and look

Springtime. Oh to walk in your flower, field and fruit. To see the buds upthrust and unfold before one’s very eyes, colourful and breathtaking. How you do what you do is certainly a mystery in many ways. Squishy and mucky you may be at times, its all good. Which reminds me of gardeners right now as I am thinking they are chomping at the bit to get ready for their first dig in the earth, dirt sticking under their finger nails or garden gloves, ready to go. That would not be me so much even though I am going to grow sunflowers again this year. Mine grew last summer!! Wow. No, I am thinking more of my older sister (got the green thumb gene from our mom) who cannot wait to get at her gardens because she loves the soft earth on her hands, feel its energy, create a world of love; you can feel her spirit soar.

Walking with spring, savouring the riches soon, even in the rain and puddles, as Mother Nature bestows her gifts. Stop. Look. Listen. Enjoy. Yes sister, I am going to take a walk with you and enjoy spring in your gardens with ou . Blessings

Let us pray for those who are in need of prayers and may the days of spring be Spring in their lives.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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