Beautiful day to wake up to

Lobster launch…blessings fishermen

Good morning Sunday. Rise and shine. From the first peek of the morning dawn , I awakened to the day feeling a spring in my step as I went for my walk with Maggie May. So many things to be thankful for this day. Have you ever had one of those days where everything around you feels and smells of goodness. Not a cloud in the sky as the sun spreads its warmth and light up and down over and under across the water, fields and landscape as I walked. The beach was so quiet with the waves gently lapping along the shoreline. Tide low allowing me for a much easier walk in rocky section of beach, more of sand available to walk on. Lots of crabs tipped over from the seagulls feasting on them. Balance of nature alive and well. Perfect day to be reflect on my week… and what a week it was!!!

I thank the Lord for the graced moments given to me. My week was filled with unexpectedness. I got a wondrous surprise on Tuesday afternoon; my daughter and children stayed over. THEY STAYED OVER. Are you kidding me? The island has had such progress in no new cases of COVID-19 (none for 21 days). They opened up our homes, allowing family or other households in…up to five people. Well, bless my soul, my daughter strolls up my the deck walkway, holding out my 9 month old granddaughter to me. Tears in my eyes, I reach out and carefully take my granddaughter in my arms with shock. Literally. Then my grandson ran up to me squeezing me so tightly. No words. Just no words to capture my feelings inside. My heart bursted with love and gratefulness. My daughter has been a real advocate and stickler to the restrictions and so for her to do this…. oh happy day. Cautiously and carefully I hold baby girl in my arms, smelling her hair and rubbing her back. The beauty of a hug and human contact. You can’t beat it. Let’s play.

Then on Friday morn, a beautiful sunny day once again, I took my walk and surprisingly greeted with a view of cars and trucks lined up along the road each side down near the beach. I forgot for a second that it was the official launch for lobster season on the north and south shore of the island. Tradition and culture a sight to behold even in times of challenge. People had trekked down to the beach where the boats would set out….waving and celebrating the beginning of the season. Long awaited day to be sure. Blessings for a good season.

The waters were a bit crazy as the lobster boats took their place in line, the deck of boats laden with lobster traps, stacked high and wide, ready to be sent out to do their thing…lobster for dinner. You couldn’t even see the wake of the boats as they wrestled the crest of the waves from the harbour mouth. But never truer the skill and wisdom of the captain, to navigate the bow and find the right path. Sun arising, meeting the time honoured tradition with hope in its light. I’m sure if I was close enough to catch the faces of all, smiles wide and set for their big day ahead. Ahoy, mates. Lobsters…better watch out.

Later on that day, getting in my truck, I passed the little harbour down at the bottom of hill from my home. What a sight to see! Bustling with activity. More trucks than residence in the community, lined up at the wharf and along the roadside. More traps being lined and stacked up, ready for the returning boats, to load them up once again, and repeat the journey. I really felt alive and joyous for these fishermen and I am sure they were up real early… tasting the sea awaiting them.

As I left the harbour and turned on to route 20 I couldn’t help but feel hope. Like things aligned for this day. I mean lets’ face it, Mother Nature can really be crazy wicked at times but not today. Driving down the road, looking across the fields to the open sea, I see the lobster boats dotted along the deep blue waters; very few white caps to be seen. I opened my window wide, put my hand out, reaching with outstretched fingers as the cool warmth connected me to the energy flowing from my finger tips to the wind refreshing my face. I think the cobwebs untangled and were freed inside of me. Oh it felt good.

Then yesterday I had my granddaughter with me and we sat on the swing. It was heaven as she sat in front of me, held in my arms, her little head turning this way and that. She touched the wooden swing gently with her tiny fingers, just touching the wood. Everything was discovery. Oh I love her. After we got up, I walked around the yard with her in my arms, introducing her to my world and hopefully see the beauty as she ‘talks’ her language and me talking my language of what she sees. Nothing better than being a Rara. Thank you little bairn.

And today waking up to the sun, Maggie May and I just took off. Didn’t even brush my teeth (eew), I just needed to get outside for some reason. I almost found myself galloping (not really, just thought it) down the road towards the beach and cliffs. A feeling of electricity filling me up, like a new lot on life. Does that make sense? For whatever reason my eyes paid attention to my surroundings. My favorite blue herons nestled tightly on the branches overlooking the marsh down near the beach. I love those birds. And all of a sudden, I notice green. Green sprouts in the ditches, little sprigs of whatever wild flora are everywhere, and little buds on the limbs of branches. I guess life sprung up while I was sleeping.

Blessings to this beautiful day.

Let us pray for those in need and to God’s creation alive and in our care.

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Taking in life and enjoying what is around me. Retired educator who has realized the bounty of many gifts given while in teaching and working a board level, I have missed out on paying attention to my surroundings including human interaction. So I find myself wanting to write and share a pondering or two. And that leads me in giving blogging a go. Looking forward to meeting others along the way as companions along the journey.

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